What is Patel Brothers Naperville Illinois Indian Grocery Store Address, Hours?

patel brothers near me in Illinois

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Patel Brothers Naperville Illinois Indian Grocery Store

This store is located at 1568 W Ogden Ave. Naperville, Illinois 60540. Patel brothers Illinois grocery store is one of the best Indian Grocery stores in the city area. You can shop for the Indian grocery & daily essentials products from this store at very cheap price.

Products & Services by Patel Brothers in Illinois

Patel Brothers are U.S.-based grocery retail chain that focuses on flavors and foods found in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. They offer a full line of groceries including dry goods, frozen items, and fresh produce in the Naperville Illinois area. Below are their products & services offered in the area near Naperville.

Accepts card payments.
Indian Grocery shopping under one roof.
$50 minimum order is required for online orders.
Home Delivery Service.
No specific Cut-Off time for the Same Day orders.
Returns within 24 hours.
Pick UP from store services.

What is Patel Brothers Product line

Their main product line is Indian grocery products. Specially Indian products. Below is the list of the main products they offer specially for Indian grocery lovers.

  • Dudhi – Lauki – Bottle Gourd
  • Ivy Gourd (Tindora)
  • Ridge Gourd Dodka Sinqua Turia
  • D’Anjou Pears
  • Nanak Malai Paneer
  • Desi Natural Dahi Whole Yogurt Plain
  • Haldiram’s Fresh Paneer
  • Amul Cheese Slices
  • Amul Butter 100gm
  • Verka Paneer 2LB
  • Amul Cheese Spread Plain
  • Phulka Fresh Uncooked Phulkas

Indian Grocery Store Near Me Products For Indian Customers

  • Crispy Gujarati Roti 15Pieces
  • Shri Methi Paratha 5 Pieces
  • Shri Plain Paratha (5 Count) 230gm
  • Brooke Bond Red Label Tea 
  • Mango Frooti Juice
  • Cadbury Bourvita Inner Strength
  • Guruji Rose Sharbat

What is Patel Brothers Products List for online delivery?

Curios to find the product price list of Patel Brothers groceries for online delivery. Check below the latest price list.

Prices & products may vary store to store. This list is for your reference only. Similar type of products are available at the nearest Patel Brothers grocery store for online shopping.

Product ListPrice
Hood Vitamin D Whole Milk 1 Gallon$6.59
Hood 2% Reduced Fat Milk (Vitamins A & D) 1 Gallon$6.59
Swad Paneer Homestyle Cheese 400G$5.49
Swad Low Fat Homestyle Paneer 14 OZ$5.49
Amul Unsalted Butter 500gm$9.89
Desi Natural Yogurt Drink Masala Chaas 16oz$2.19
Desi Natural Yogurt Drink Original 16oz$2.19
Nanak Paneer 12oz$5.49
Amul White Butter (Safed Makkhan) – Unsalted 500gm$9.89
Amul Malai Paneer Cubes 1 KG$14.29
Amul Malai Paneer Block 200 gm$4.39
Amul Butter 100gm$2.79
Roti Fresh Uncooked Roti Chapati$7.19
Amul Butter 500gm$9.89
Amul Masti Spiced Buttermilk 1 Liter$3.89
Haldiram’s Fresh Paneer 360gm$6.59
Verka Paneer$6.59
Desi Dahi Low Fat Yogurt Plain 32Oz$4.39
Desi Natural Dahi Whole Yogurt Plain 32Oz$4.39
Hood® Heavy Cream 16 fl. oz. Carton$6.09
Hood® Half And Half 16 Fl. Oz. Carton$3.29
Hood Sour Cream 16oz$3.29
Swad Paneer Homestyle Cheese 4LB$24.19
Swad Fried Paneer Cubes 8oz$4.39
Swad Fried Paneer Cubes 5LB$36.29
Swad Low Fa TPaneer Cubes 227gm$4.39
House Foods Organic Tofu Extra Firm 12 oz$2.79
House Foods Organic Tofu Firm 14 oz$2.79
Joy Mango Pineapple Strawberry Lassi 16 oz$2.19
Joy Mango Lassi 64oz$7.69
Joy Mango Pina (Pineapple) Orange Lassi Drink 16oz$2.79
Desi Natural Original Lassi Yogurt Drink 50 Fl Oz$6.59
Desi Natural Alphonso Mango Lassi 16oz$2.19
Amul Cheese Spread Spicey Garlic 200gm$5.49
Amul Malai Paneer Cubes 200gm$4.39
Vadilal Malai Paneer Cubes 1KG$16.49
Vadilal Frozen Malai Paneer Cubes 500G$8.79
Vadilal Frozen Malai Paneer Block 500G$8.79
Amul Cheese Can Tin$7.69
Amul Cheese Slices$5.49
Amul Cheese Chiplet 200gm$4.39
Amul Cheese Block 1KG$16.49
Haldiram’s Fresh Paneer 800gm$13.19
Haldiram’s Fresh Paneer Cubes 450gm$7.19
Nanak Mawa Khoa$6.59
Amul Malai Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) Block 1 KG Pack$14.29
Verka Paneer 2LB$14.29
Verka Lowfat Paneer$6.59
Verka Grass Fed Paneer$9.89
Nanak Malai Paneer 1KG$13.19
Nanak Malai Paneer$6.09
Nanak Malai Paneer Cubes 200gm$4.99
Nanak Paneer 4.4LB$27.49
Mitlitsky Eggs White Extra Large 12 Count$4.39
Swad Punjabi Cut Paneer Cubes 2LB$14.29
Joy Rose Lassi Drink 16oz$2.79
Joy Mango Lassi Drink 16oz$2.79
Desi Natural Alphonso Mango Lassi Yogurt Drink 50 Fl Oz$6.59
Desi Natural Yogurt Drink Masala Chaas 50 Fl Oz$4.39
Joy Sweet Lassi Drink 16oz$2.79
Joy Salty Lassi Drink 16oz$2.79

Patel Brothers Hours

Find Patel Brothers Hours.

Patel Brothers HoursOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Tuesday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Wednesday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Thursday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday8:00 AM9:00 PM
Sunday8:00 AM9:00 PM


Q What is Patel Brothers grocery store address in Illinois?

This store is situated at 1568 W Ogden Ave. Naperville, Illinois 60540.