Patel Brothers Pineville USA Grocery Store

Indian Grocery Store Near Me USA

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Patel Brothers Pineville USA Indian Grocery Store

This store is located at 10701 Centrum Parkway Pineville, North Carolina 28134. Patel brothers Pineville grocery store is one of the best Indian Grocery stores in the city area. You can shop for the Indian grocery & daily essentials products from this store.

Products & Services by Patel Brothers Pineville

Patel Brothers are U.S.-based grocery retail chain that focuses on flavors and foods found in the Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. They offer a full line of groceries including dry goods, frozen items, and fresh produce in the Pineville USA area. Below are their products & services offered in the area near Pineville.

Accepts card payments.
Indian Grocery shopping under one roof.
$50 minimum order is required for online orders.
Home Delivery Service.
No specific Cut-Off time for the Same Day orders.
Returns within 24 hours.
Pick UP from store services.

Patel Brothers USA Pineville product line

Their main product line is Indian grocery products. Specially Indian products. Below is the list of the main products they offer specially for Indian grocery lovers.

  • Dudhi – Lauki – Bottle Gourd
  • Ivy Gourd (Tindora)
  • Ridge Gourd Dodka Sinqua Turia
  • D’Anjou Pears
  • Nanak Malai Paneer
  • Desi Natural Dahi Whole Yogurt Plain
  • Haldiram’s Fresh Paneer
  • Amul Cheese Slices
  • Amul Butter 100gm
  • Verka Paneer 2LB
  • Amul Cheese Spread Plain
  • Phulka Fresh Uncooked Phulkas

Indian Grocery Store Near Me Products For Indian Customers

  • Crispy Gujarati Roti 15Pieces
  • Shri Methi Paratha 5 Pieces
  • Shri Plain Paratha (5 Count) 230gm
  • Brooke Bond Red Label Tea 
  • Mango Frooti Juice
  • Cadbury Bourvita Inner Strength
  • Guruji Rose Sharbat


Q How will customers place an order?

Customer can place order by visiting our official website.