How to Find Easy Day Products List for Grocery Shopping?

How to Find Easy day products list for grocery shopping

Easy-day stores offer grocery products at a minimum 10% discount. Eas day club supermarket stores are providing free home delivery & WhatsApp-based delivery for their customers. They serve home delivery of grocery, FMCG & daily needs products. Recently they have started their WhatsApp Grocery shopping. They have stores in Delhi, Jalandhar & Mumbai area.

How to order groceries from Easy Day?

Ordering grocery products from Easyday Club’s stores is easy. There are various methods for ordering groceries from Easyday stores. Order groceries from WhatsApp shopping, Use the Easyday home delivery app or Order groceries from their online app. Full details about easy-day grocery shopping are given in the last post.

Easyday is one of the best online grocery shopping places as compared to Tata Super App & Ichhapuri grocery store. Ordering groceries & daily fruits is a challenging job when you are alone at home & not able to move outside. Big Bazaar, Reliance Smart Point & EasyDay offer convenience to order groceries from our home & get doorstep delivery. If any of the above grocery stores don’t offer home delivery in your area, you will be able to order groceries from the Tata Super App once it’s launched officially.

How to Find Easy Day Products List Today PDF

An Easy Day is one of the leading online grocery shopping apps in India. High-quality products at the cheapest rate are their strength. Their unique & innovative Future Pay bach back offer wins customers’ hearts.

Below is an overview of the current products offered by Easyday for grocery shopping. The price of the products is always updated on the shopping app/website.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Product List;-

Bakery & Dairy Products List;-

Staples Product List;-

Beverages Products List:-

Home Care & Laundry Products List:-

Other Products (Optional) Products;

Find the Easy Day Products List from the website

Below is the process through which you can find the offer price of the products. Product list with the name given above. As the product price keeps changing as per the offer & promotion; visit the website & find the current offer price. Please note that; they offer mobile-only & app-only versions as of now. Their website for grocery shopping is not active on desktop computers.

How To Find Easy Day Grocery Price List?

Easy Day has recently launched its Free 1Kg Sugar offer for its club card members. If you are an existing customer having a club membership, you can avail of the offer. To find the Easy Day grocery price list you have various options. We will discuss the way you can find the price list from the Easyday store;-

1- Find the price list from the Future Pay App;- Future Pay is the loyalty app for its club members. Once you have done the configuration with your club card membership and Future Pay mobile number, you will be able to view the offers on the Future Pay app. Details about the transaction & balance are visible on the Future Pay App. Cashback offers & various promos are launched in Easyday stores, all are fully visible on the shopping app (Future Pay).

2- Call the Easy Day store customer care;- Calling the nearest store from the list that we have shared in the last post is easy. You can search for Easy Day near me with the help of this list. Just search the Easy Day in your local area & call their customer care. Always remember to call from your registered mobile number, once your club membership they will provide you full list of Easy day product price lists.

3- Product price list through WhatsApp Calling;- Easy Day has launched the WhatsApp-based grocery shopping service nationally. WhatsApp-based service is the easiest & most interactive way to place your grocery shopping order online. You get a human touch during this process. Using this process for getting a product’s price list is highly recommended as this is the most effective way to get the product’s price accurately. During this process, all the products are physically visible on the WhatsApp call & you can see the product pricing live.

Are Easy Day Online & Store Products Price are Same?

Yes, the product’s price are the same for both online & offline stores. Easyday is offering online grocery shopping along with offline shopping from the neighborhood store they maintain the same pricing structure for both formats.

Frequently Asked Questions about EasyDay Product List

Question:- Does Easyday sell raw chicken?

Ans;- No, Easyday doesn’t sell raw chicken, they sell frozen chicken.

Question:- How to order from Easyday online?

Ans;- Order groceries through their online shopping app or website.

Conclusion:- As discussed above Easy product price list is given above. Finding the product price list is easy, just follow the above process. Additional products are being added to the online shopping app. All the products shown above are the product for only, they have a huge product line when it comes to offering to its physical store.