How to Order From Easy Day Online Shopping App?

How to Order From Easy Day Online Shopping App? Easyday shopping Online Details

Online grocery shopping from Easyday stores or Easyday club is the same. Earlier it was termed as Easyday, now they are termed as Easyday club stores for members. Grocery shopping from the Easy day online shopping app is life in major cities.

What is EasyDay Stores?

The very first store of Easyday was launched in 2008. Walmart was having a joint venture with Bharti Enterprises. Easyday stores are fully operated by the parent company. Grocery products to milk & daily essential they are having good quality products with decent pricing. Every store is connected with an online shopping app. They are fully operational 24*7 all 365 days a year.

As there is no competition in convenience stores from branded stores, below are the other major aspects why Easy day grocery stores are gaining popularity;

-Membership Benefits; Exclusive membership is their main offering to customers. Easyday Club stores members can avail of members-only benefits from the membership.

-Excellent customer service; Providing the best service to its customers is their main focus. Since Easyday ensures the best offers on great quality products with a great customer service experience.

-Free Home delivery; Either online or offline, you just shop from the store & get your products delivered to your doorstep by the Easyday club store.

-Various shopping modes; Whatsapp mode of shopping, which was launched firstly by Easyday is now adopted by all the grocery shopping stores. They offer multiple shopping modes; Visit store, Order online, Use the mobile app, Use Whatsapp order.

Easy Day Online Shopping for Club Members;

Easyday online shopping can be done through multiple modes as described above. As grocery shopping is becoming hard to complete during this situation, their multiple shopping options are why everyone is loving it.

EasyDay Online shopping through Mobile App
Shop online from their shopping website
WhatsApp shopping by Easyday stores

How to Download Easy Day Online Shopping App?

The name of the shopping app for grocery shopping is Easyday. This app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store. Start using the app after the downloading is completed. This app is online available for Android users only.

Name of The AppEasyDay
Size of the App12MB
Requires Android4.1 and up

Easyday club App details

Services offered by Easyday Shopping App;

Choosing the shopping app is the best option when you are looking for grocery shopping near me. Shop anytime from anywhere; office or home just shop & get relaxed for your doorstep delivery.

How to order online from Easy day online shopping App/Website?

Shopping is made easy with an Online grocer shopping app from easyday club stores. More information is provided below for the shopping app. you can shop by using the mobile app of the stores, alternatively shopping from the website is also easy. Start using the mobile app on your Android app.

How to download the shopping app from the play store?

Download the grocery shopping app is a very simple process. Just open the play store from your mobile (Android mobile). Once the app downloads on your mobile phone you can start ordering the grocery & receive the doorstep delivery at your ease.

How to order from Easy day online shopping website?

The Easyday online shopping app is available only for Android users in India. This app was launched to provide easy home delivery of grocery shopping to the club membership holder customers. How to place an order on Easy day online is described below;

  • -Open the app on your mobile phone,
  • -Click on the shop online link,
  • -Either sign up with a new account,
  • -Or sign in if you are an existing user,
  • -Once completed the sign-in process,
  • -Click on the shop now button’
  • -Add the products to your shopping cart,
  • -Once completed your shopping click on the Next button,
  • -Now fill in your delivery details as per your location,
  • -Once all detailed filled, complete the payment part,
  • -Now your order is ready to reach,
  • -Confirmation by Easyday online will be sent to you,

Easyday Online Home Delivery App Review;

The Online home delivery App of Easyday club stores is managed by Future Group. This grocery shopping app is accessible for all customers to purchase essential groceries & daily products. Their unique shopping mechanism is fully backed by an Offline to an online model which is in the initial stage. Easy day stores in Mumbai, Chandigarh & Delhi NCR area are fully operational after the approval from the company HO.

The business model of Easyday stores for their club member is connected through their Future Pay app. All the club membership holder customers may place the order directly from the Future Pay app from the comfort of their home & the order will be fulfilled by the Easyday store near you.

Is Easyday Shopping App accessible from desktop?

Please note that the shopping app of Easyday online isn’t accessible through the desktop. This online grocery shopping solely having a mobile version. So whenever try to access this easy day online website use your Android mobile phone only.

Easy Day Online Payment Modes

Easy Day online grocery shopping enables your to do more with your Easy Day club card. Various payment modes are enabled for easy day online shopping. Once you have completed adding products to the shopping cart, now comes the payment part. Whether you use their mobile app or use the the website below payment modes are applicable for both;

  • Payments through Visa, Master card for Easy day online grocery shopping
  • Net banking services of all major banks offered for online shopping
  • The Rupay card user can also avail the online shopping
  • The last COD option is there for all cash on delivery services

How to check the status of your online order

Once you have placed orders through Easday online shopping app, you can easily track your order. In case your orders is delayed or not reached as per the time slot show during the delivery option, you can contact customer care immediately. check your order status as suggested below;-

  • Open the Easy day shopping app, click on “Account”
  • Now click on “My Order” in the app
  • See a list of your previous orders there
  • The most recent orders displayed now click on the “Order”
  • Details of the order will be shown there
  • Check the status from there

How to call Easy Day online for Order details?

If you have any concerns & queries about the order placed by you, contact the Easy day customer care call center. Customer care service for home delivery is always active 24*7 for grocery shopping via helpline numbers.

Easy Day Online Delivery Agra

The easy day having a store in Agra near professor colony in Rattan mall, Agra, apart from this they have 6 more easy day club store in Agra area. All these stores in Agra are fully operational for home delivery in Agra.

Easy Day Online Agra store list;-

Below is a list of stores in Agra for essential grocery shopping from Easyday club. Daily food items & fresh fruits are delivered to your doorstep through WhatsApp & an online shopping services. You can get the list of stores, additionally the list of the store who are serving home delivery listed below;-

AreaEasy Day Club Store Name

How to return products to Easy Day Online?

Products returns are a big concern when it comes to online grocery shopping. Products are physical, not visible when we shop online for grocery shopping or dairy products. There have been many instances when wrong products were sold to customers due to technical errors. another big reason for products return is the wrong description of products. Below is the process of returning grocery products done through online shopping.

  • Inform the customer care about the product
  • Raise a complaint about product return
  • Follow the process & return the physical product