How To Use Future Pay Wallet Online For Shopping?

How To Use Future Pay Wallet For Online Shopping? this question comes to mind when you have a balance in your Future Pay Wallet. Today we will provide you with full information so you will be able to redeem your Future Pay balance for online shopping. Future Pay balance can be used for online grocery shopping, grocery shopping from stores, and grocery shopping through the WhatsApp feature.

What Is Future Pay Wallet App?

Future Pay is a loyalty app developed by Future Group for its customer. This app is the one-stop solution for customers who shop for grocery products & other products from their stores online or offline. This digital app enables you to have access to all the services & promotional offers of the Future Group retail stores. Customer care, Cashback, Store information are the basic information provided by this app. Apart from this basic information recently they have added Investment, Insurance, Rewards, Feedback & Cashback notification to their app.

How To Use Future Pay Wallet For Online Shopping?

Prior to using this app for online shopping, you must be aware of the basic information about the wallet. The digital wallet is fully operational for all the future group retail stores; Easy Day, Big Bazaar. Once you have installed the app from their Play store & App store, complete the registration process. Basic details of the Future Pay app are detailed in the last post. Before using the app online please check the Wallet balance so you can use it for the respective store’s online website.

How to Check Wallet Balance in Future Pay App for different formats?

Future Pay app has multiple wallets, so check the wallet balance for using online. Below is the process for check wallet balance in future pay;-

As shown in the above image you can see the default wallet, which is Big Bazaar. Now click on the Wallet button shown in the image. This will now show you all the wallet balances if any. As we said earlier Future Pay has multiple wallets.

After clicking on the “Wallet” option all the wallet balances will is shown. There are multiple wallets;-

Where can we use Big Bazaar Wallet Balance? The balance of the Big Bazaar wallet can be used for shopping from Big Big Bazaar, Fbb stores, Foodhall, Ezone & Hypercity stores. Once you click on the Big Bazaar wallet balance; the Sub-wallet option will be shown on your Future Pay app screen. The products included where you can use the balance are Fashion apparel, grocery shopping, Kitchen products & home appliance products.

Where can we use the Central Wallet balance? Central wallet balance is accepted at Central & aLL stores. You can complete your shopping from the stores mentioned above & redeem your balance. Fashion products include Apparel/Footwear & accessories.

Where can we use Brand Factory Wallet balance? Wallet balance of Brand Factory is only redeemable at Brand Factory stores.

Where can we use the Fbb Wallet balance? Fbb is Future Group’s fashion apparel shopping retail store. The balance for the Fbb wallet can be used in Big Bazaar, Fbb & Hypercity stores for fashion apparel shopping.

Where we can use the Easyday club wallet balance? EasyDay club is a grocery shopping store. You can use the balance of the EasyDay club wallet in EasyDay club & Heritage Fresh stores only.

Now you have understood clearly that, Future Pay wallet has multiple sub-wallets. Balance in a particular wallet can be utilized as per the list shown below;

Wallet Name  Use Balance in 
Big BazaarBig Bazaar/Fbb/Hypercity
Brand FactoryBrand Factory
FbbFbb/Big Bazaar/HyperCity
EasyDay ClubEasyday Club/ Heritage Fresh

How To Use Future Pay Wallet For Online Shopping?

So now you have a clear picture of your Future Pay Wallet Balance. Now you can use the Future Pay wallet for online shopping as per the above grid. Wallet balance can be redeemed for offline shopping once you visit the store. For using future pay wallet balance use the shopping app or website of the respective retail store;-

How To Use Future Pay Wallet For Online Shopping (Easy Day)?

Open the website or the shopping app of Easyday grocery to use the Future Pay wallet for online shopping. Add products to your shopping cart by selecting products or searching for the desired products. Products will be shown along with MRP & Offer price. Change the pack size from the drop-down menu shown there. Click on “Add” to add the products to your shopping cart, complete the process as detailed below;

The same process is applicable for all online shopping formats. Now you can easily use Future Pay wallet for online shopping.

How do I redeem Future pay wallet balance?

To Redeem the balance your can either visit the store or use the balance for online shopping. Always remember that a particular wallet balance can be utilized for the respective store only. Detail about the wallet balance redemption option given above as EasyDay club wallet balance only accepted at Easyday & Heritage fresh only.

How to Find future pay online stores List?

Future pay is the sole loyalty app for Future Group retail customers like Easy Day club. All the store list of Future Pay for online usage is given in the Future Pay app itself.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Future Payonline wallet balance;-

Q- Can I use Future Pay wallet for online Shopping?

Ans- Yes, you can Future Pay wallet for online shopping as detailed above.

Q- Where can I use Future Pay wallet balance?

Ans- All the Future Group retail stores accept Future Pay as payment modes, recently they have enabled Future pay for online shopping as well.

Q- How do I withdraw money from my future pay Wallet?

Ans- Withdraw of money from Future pay is not possible, you can only use the Future Pay money for shopping.

Q- How to use future pay wallet online?

Ans- Use future pay wallet online by visiting any of the online shopping apps from Future Group.

Conclusion:- Today we have learned about, How To Use Future Pay Wallet For Online Shopping. There are two methods used for redeeming the Future pay wallet balance. The first one is by visiting the retail stores. The second is to use the online shopping app & redeem the Future Pay wallet for online shopping.