What is Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer Today? Full Details 2023

What is Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer?

The Big Bazaar Great Exchange offer is a yearly event by Big Bazaar. Today we will give you full information about the Exchange offer, dates, scrap rates & exchange list. This event spread over 2 months from Feb to March. During this promo period, consumers can exchange their old scrap products for new products. During this exchange promo, you get unbelievable value for your old scrap.

Scarp products include Footwear, clothes, plastics, newspapers & kitchen products. This is the best offer when you want to save your money on new products.

Concept of Big Bazaar Exchange offer

The concept of the offer is very simple. You go to Big Bazaar with your old scarp products & get value for your old products. Big Bazaar gives you discount coupons in return for your old scrap products. You can use these discount coupons to shop for new products. These discount coupons are over & above the selling products.

For example.;- Sugar Mrp is Rs.45 & Big Bazaar selling price is Rs.30 & exchange value is 10%, so your final payable amount will be 30-10% which is Rs.27. Hope now you understand the offer very well.

Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer 2023 Date

The official dates for the Exchange have not announced by Big Bazaar yet. But the exchange period is always from February to March. Once the dates are announced by the official we will give you full details. Below are the dates as per the last promo period.

Offer NameBig Bazaar Great Exchange Offer
Exchange offer Dates11th Feb – 10th Mar 2023
Date for Coupon issuance11th Feb 
Coupon Redemption Date11th Feb to 10th March

Scrap rate list for old product exchange

Below is a list of scarp products. You can exchange your old products from Big Bazaar & get the exchange value as per the below rate list.

Sr. No.Scrap Rate for Old Products
1Mobile Phone – Up to Rs.5000 per piece
2Television – Up to Rs.5000 Per Piece
3Refrigerator – Up to Rs.5000 Per Piece
4Air Conditioner – Up to Rs.5000 Per Piece
5Computer & Laptop – Up to Rs.4000 Per Piece
6Washing Machine – Rs. 3,000/pcs
7Microwave/ Oven/ OTG – Up to Rs.3000 Per Piece
8Electronics Small Appliances – Up to Rs.1000/pcs
9Newspapers – Rs.50/kg
10Clothes – Rs. 100/kg
11Utensils – Rs. 300/kg
12Single Bed – Rs. 3000/Bed
13Double bed – Rs. 5000/Bed
14Footwear – Rs. 100 per Kg
15Furniture Items – Rs. 500kg
16Gas Stove – Rs. 500 per piece

Exchange Offers Terms & Condition Details

During this offer period, consumers will be able to use the exchange coupons. Still, there are below terms & conditions for the Big Bazaar great exchange offer.

How to register for Big Bazaar Great Exchange offer

This offer is valid for all customers who are interested in exchanging their old products. The best way to avail of the offer is to visit the Big Bazaar with your old scrap products & get exchange value for your products. Above is the rate list given, you can refer to the rate list.

How do I exchange clothes in the big bazaar?

As part of the exchange offer, you can give your old clothes to Big Bazaar. The exchange rates for the old clothes are given on the rate list above. Once you give your old clothes to Big Bazaar, they will give you an exchange coupon which you can redeem on new shopping.

Is exchange available in Big Bazaar?

The exchange offer is available during the promo period only.

What are the products which we can exchange in Big Bazaar?

Old clothes, footwear, electronics items & newspapers.

Conclusion:- Big Bazaar Great Exchange Offer is the best offer when you want to exchange your old products. As this promo period is for a limited time period, always visit the store during the start of the promo.