What is Smart Bazaar by Reliance? Reliance Smart Bazaar?

Reliance Smart Bazaar, Smart Bazaar by Reliance & Reliance Smart Bazar We will give you full information about these stores.

Reliance Smart Bazaar or Smart Bazaar by Reliance is trending in the news. These stores are creating a lot of buzz on social media as well. As per the reports Reliance Retails has acquired the Future group’s Big Bazaar stores & now these stores will be re-launched very soon.

A few store images have already been circulated on social media as well. This is the first time a store before its launch is trending. Today we will discuss their stores, services & delivery point services.

What is Reliance Smart Bazaar?

As their name suggests it will be a Bazaar type store, as Big Bazaar stores were earlier. This will be a unique concept. So Far Reliance has multiple store formats, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart & Reliance Smart Point. Now, this Bazaar format will be launched very soon.

As said earlier they have a very unique concept. These stores will have a network of retail stores spread across the Indian cities. More or less these stores will offer the same product line as Big Bazaar was offering earlier.

They will sell from Grocery to daily essentials and pharmacy to food items. All the products will be served through their online grocery shopping app. The consumer can order directly from their online grocery shopping app or visit the store for home delivery.

How Smart Bazaar stores will be different from Big Bazaar?

Technically the name will be changed & the stores will be operational on the same Location. The majority of the staff will remain in the same location. Below are the details of the new Smart Bazaar Stores;-

Why Big Bazaar stores are closed?

As said earlier all the Future Group’s stores are acquired by Reliance Retail. So all the existing stores of Big Bazaar are closed. These stores are now owned by Reliance Retail.

These rent & lease agreements are signed by Reliance now. The staff of Big Bazaar is offered jobs by Mukesh Ambani Reliance Retail Ltd.

If the news reports are true, all the stock/ inventory along with the Assets & fixtures have been moved & the stores are empty as of now. Soon new Smart Bazaar or Smart Bazar stores will be operational as the final work is going on these stores.

What is Reliance Smart Bazaar Concept?

As Reliance is known for providing the best quality products & service they will offer the same through the new stores as well.

These stores will be spread over a 25K to 70K Sqft area. Same-day home delivery, free home delivery, and telecommunication products will be sold through the new stores.

As Jiomart is successfully running across all the cities in India, its services will offer additional benefits to its customers. Apart from their JIO Mobile communication business, Trends products will be sold via the store & Ajio.com home delivery business will be additionally attached to the Smart Bazar stores.

When Reliance Smart Bazaar Stores will be launched Officially?

More than 250 stores which were earlier Big Bazaar will be launched very soon. There are rumors that Mumbai area stores are operational & launched. But officially no communication has been received yet by Reliance Retail.

They are working 24*7 to convert the stores to the new format & launch it very soon.

Is Smart Bazaar Open Today or Tomorrow?

People are asking the question ” Is Smart Bazaar open today or tomorrow?” they are searching for when the stores will be launched officially as the customer base was huge for Big Bazaar stores. Big Bazaar stores in Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh & Jammu area were the most popular.

Kindly note that the stores are not launched officially yet, once they are launched officially we will give full details of their store.

Reliance Smart Bazaar Wikipedia page?

If you are searching for the Reliance Smart Bazaar Wikipedia page & not found anything, hold on to reading the full details about the Smart Bazaar Wikipedia page.

We have gathered the information about the store as given below are the details.

Wikipedia page details;-

Company NameReliance Smart Bazaar
Format TypeHypermarket
No. of Locations250+
Parent Reliance Retail
OwnerMukesh Ambani

What are the Benefits of Smart Bazaar Stores?

Let’s discuss what benefits a customer will receive once the stores are fully operational. Now in the offline retail segment, only D’mart is the main competitor. Dmart or Reliance grocery stores, now customers have only two choices when it comes to offline shopping for groceries & other items.

When compared with D mart grocery stores the Bazaar stores will have a little edge in Fashion apparel products. Below are the main benefits a customer will receive;-

Free Dome Delivery from JIOMART

All the customers will get free home delivery from the Bazaar stores. You just order your products online or through their store for quick home delivery.

Minimum 7% Off on Grocery Products

All the time they offer grocery products on Min. 7% off. Their product range is huge. All the latest products are available in their store so you just place your order online.

Exclusive;- 10% Off on Pharmacy Products

If the Smart Bazaar stores by Reliance serve pharmacy products, they will offer 10% off on the product line. Recently they have added pharmacy products to their product line. A minimum 10% discount is offered on all the pharmacy products.

Same day Delivery

All the online orders are delivered on the same day. You can get the in-store pickup option once the stores are fully operational.

Reliance Smart Bazaar vs. Reliance Fresh

Another format of Reliance is Reliance Fresh stores. These were the first launched by Reliance Retail Limited. These stores were launched in 2006 in India.

These were neighborhood stores format, and the majority of products were daily grocery items. Daily essentials, bakery products, milk & bread were their main products.

Customers of these stores are local grocery shoppers & consumers who often shop at Kirana stores. Now the Bazaar format stores will provide all the group products under one line.

Be it Jiomart, Jio Mobile, Pharmacy products, Ajio online, or trends products.

Reliance Industries Store Format & Brands

In everyday life Reliance is everywhere, Be it music or shopping there are present in every segment. They have associations with a few brands.

Below are the stores that they already running apart from the Reliance Smart Bazaar.

Brand NameDetails 
Reliance FreshNeighborhood retail chain
Reliance SMARTSupermarket
Reliance SMART PointNeighborhood & New commerce
JioMartOnline shopping platform
Reliance DigitalConsumer electronics store chain
JIO STORESMobility and communication products Stores
TRENDSFashion retail chain
Project EveServing independent and sophisticated women in the age group of 25-40
Trends FootwearFashion footwear destination store
Reliance JewelsJewelry Retail Store
AJIOfashion and lifestyle Online Shopping Brand
HamleysToy retail store
Reliance MallConvenient neighborhood mall
7‑ElevenConvenience store

Reliance Trends Fashion Apparel brands may be available at Reliance Smart Bazaar

Apart from the grocery business, Reliance has a strong hold on the Fashion and lifestyle business. They have Trends Fashion & Lifestyle retail stores spreading across the city of Indian states.

Their online shopping platform for fashion apparel is AJIO. Ajio online shopping website offers Fashion Apparel/ Footwear & other lifestyle products for home delivery.

Below is the list of brands that may be seen in the Bazaar stores by Reliance;-

Reliance Trends Brand Name range of garments that complement the wardrobes of the growing generation of boys and girls
Avaasa a range of Indian wear for women offering the finest collection of Salwar Kurtas, Churidars, and a fast-evolving Mix n Match range of garments
Figfashion wear for discerning, independent & working women
Frendz a collection of pure Cotton and linen shirts for men
Fusion a range of fusion wear for women where east meets west & style meets comfort
Gravitthe inner-wear range for men offering the best of inner and loungewear
Hushhthe lingerie line for women offers an extensive range of innerwear and sleepwear
Netplaythe range showcases a smart casual collection for the evolving workplace
Networkoffering a range of garments that comprises of formal office wear collection for men and women
Performax the specialized sportswear or activewear brand, which supports performance in sporting activity
Point Cove Kids wear brand that features bold colors bringing the California spirit to India
Pureza a collection of pure Cotton & Linen shirts for men
RIOa vibrant range of snazzy trends for young women
The DNMX the range has been developed with a clear focus on the youth of India, offering them exclusively crafted fashion garments like Denim, T-shirts, etc.
difference between jiomart and smart bazaar

What is Reliance Smart Bazaar Online Shopping App?

The online shopping from Smart Bazaar by Reliance has not been shared yet. But we are sure that 99% of them will serve online orders through the JIOMART app.

Big Bazaar used to offer home delivery from their shop.bigbazaar.com website & app. All retail formats of Reliance Retail Limited use JIOMART for online shopping.

Reliance Smart Bazaar store photos

Below are the photos of the smart bazaar stores

Reliance Smart Bazaar Photos

Reliance Smart Bazaar store List?

Smart Bazaar store list;-

What is Smart Bazaar’s opening date?

The Opening day for Smart Bazaar is the first week of April.

Is Reliance Smart open today?

Yes, the Reliance smart stores are open today & tomorrow.

What is smart bazaar reliance?

These are hypermarket stores.

Conclusion;- Reliance Smart Bazaar stores are the new retail store that will be operational very soon. We have provided all the relevant information about the same. If you still have any queries & concerns do comment below.