Why Big Bazaar Name Change? New Name Of Big Bazaar Stores?

Why Big Bazaar Name Change? If you are aware of the Future Group & Reliance deal. Big Bazaar stores are not converted to new stores. Today we will give full information about Why Big Bazaar Name Change? What is the new name & why they changed the name?

What is Big Bazaar New Name?

If you are still searching for the new name of Big Bazaar? or explore the products & services offered by the new stores in your city read on. We have full details pertaining to your query & concern about the same. Smart Bazaar is the new name of the grocery stores of Big Bazaar stores. All the stores are in the process of renovation & will be operational soon.

Few of the new stores have already started the retail services. They are offering grocery products & home care products to their customers.

Why Big Bazaar Name Change activity was done?

As the stores were closed for more than a months period. They have done the brainstorming for the new name. A few senior officials are Reliance suggested retailing the name “Big Bazaar”. Yet the final name comes is Smart Bazaar.

Reliance has used the term Smart in their grocery value format store. They have Reliance Smart, Reliance Smart Super Store & Reliance Smart Point format for grocery products. The Bazaar will give the feel of Big Bazaar.

How to find if Big Bazaar open near my location?

As per current status, all the stores are offering basic products & services to the customers. Officially the store’s launch is not done yet. Most of the stores are running on minimal resources, as the launch activity coming soon they are working 24*7 to meet the deadline of launch.

Stores in metro cities like; Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune & Hyderabad may be launched officially very soon. Other cities may be delayed & will be launched accordingly.

What is smart Bazaar launch date in my city?

As the Big Bazaar Name Change activity was completed all the stores have received the new name logo. You may visit the store located in your city & avail the exclusive offers from Reliance Smart Bazaar in your city. Moreover, you can check the current status of the store & ask the floor staff about the official launch date. They will surely help in the same.

Big Bazaar Smart Bazaar Bazaar Reliance Products & Services will remain the same?

If you have visited the stores you have observed the complete changeover. These new stores are in sync with Reliance’s grocery stores e.g. Smart Point or Smart stores. Their complete appearance & structure changed as per the new design & structure. Apart from the conversion, the staff remains the same & the store location remains the same.

Products & Services of Smart Bazaar in my city?

Big Bazaar Name Change to Smart Bazaar. The products & services offered by them as given below. These products may vary from store to store.


What is Big Bazaar’s New Name?

Smart Bazaar is the new name.

Is Smart Bazaar owned by Reliance Retail?

Yes, these stores are owned by Reliance.