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In a recent deal, 7 Eleven India opened its first store with Reliance. The very first store has been opened with the joint venture with Reliance Retail. Reliance Retail Ventures has signed an agreement with 7 Eleven Inc (SEI). We will give you full details about the company, products & offers.

What is 7 Eleven India?

Reliance has launched the first store in Andheri East on 9th Oct 2021. Mumbai Greater will be the next destination for the 7-Eleven stores in India. The retail arm of Reliance RRVL has signed the agreement to launch the stores in India. Gradually Reliance will add more stores.

7 Eleven India Mumbai Store Details;-

The store in Mumbai is approx 600 Square feet area. The main product line at the store is Beverages, Daily Essentials, Packaged Foods, and Home & Personal Care products.

Reliance’s own brand’s products are part of the assortment. Snac Tac, and Insta Safe Puric are the major brands of Reliance.

The format of the store is QSR. A dine-in facility for 10-12 people is part of the store. Basic amenities like washrooms are available for customers. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods products are served.

Samosa, Vada Pav, Sandwiches & Samosas are part of their menu. Beverages products; Coffee, Team & soft drinks are served to the customers.

Timings of the Store;-

Currently, the store timings are 7 AM to 11 PM, but soon it will operate on a 24 Hrs basis.

What are 7 Eleven Company’s details?

7 Eleven Inc (SEI) is a popular name in Convenience store retailing. The company is based in Irving, Texas. They have more than 77,000 convenience stores in 18 countries.

7-Eleven Stores Growth Path & Timeline

The first store was opened in Texas USA. Since its inception, the company has more than 77K stores worldwide.

  • 2021- The first store opened in India by Reliance Retail Ltd.
  • 1980- The company opened stores in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & Australia area.
  • 1969- First overseas store in Canada. Store count reaches 35K.
  • 1965- Brand Slurpee for Frozen drinks laughed. Later it became an iconic brand.
  • 1963- Now 7-Eleven stores were operated 24 Hrs.
  • 1950- Apart from Texas, a new store launched in Vergina, Florida & Pennsylvania ara.
  • 1964-Changed its store name to 7-Eleven.
  • 1928- The Totem store’s name was given as the store installed a totem pole for marketing.
  • 1927-John Jefferson started the company in Texas.

Reliance Fresh Vs Reliance 7-Eleven Store?

What is the difference between Reliance Fresh & 7 Eleve Stores? this question arises to mind. Moreover, what will be the future of Reliance Smart Point stores as more 7-Eleven stores are opened?

To understand the difference we need to understand the main difference between the format used for the stores. Reliance Fresh stores are neighborhood stores offering grocery & dairy products. Stores of 7-Eleven India will be convenience stores in QSR format.

The main product line for Fresh & Smart Point stores are Grocery only. Home delivery services are their secondary products. 7 Eleven stores’ product line is different as their store format is QSR.

QSR is a big market in India, with the launch of new stores Reliance will be competitive with existing players like Domino’s & Burger King.


Are there 7-Elevens in India?

Yes, Reliance has launched 1st store in India.

7 Eleven India Mumbai store address?

Atul Blue Fortuna in Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai.

When was the first store opened in India?

The first store was opened on 9th Oct 2021 in Mumbai.

Conclusion;- With the launch of the First store in India Reliance has entered the QSR format stores. As we have seen the impact of Reliance in the telecom & grocery market, we may see the impact on this QSR format as well. As of now, only 1 store is there, but soon they will launch a new store across the area of Mumbai.