What is Swiggy Instamart Grocery Delivery Full Details?

What is Swiggy Instamart Grocery Delivery Full Details?

Recently Swiggy has been in the news & trending for its Salt advertisement. Today we will give you full information about Swiggy Instamart grocery delivery services. Full details about its coupon code, grocery shopping offers & delivery cities will be given in the post.

What is Swiggy Instamart Grocery delivery?

Last year it has started home delivery services through the marketplace for grocery shopping. Now it has started its own Grocery delivery business called “Instamart”. Earlier products were delivered through the marketplace from local Kirana stores, but now directly from their own store.

As the business of grocery delivery grows & big players have chosen the online way. Traditional Big players like; Big Bazaar, Dmart & Easy Day has already started the online grocery delivery business. Swiggy will give them tough competition.

Swiggy Instamart Grocery shopping benefits;-

As the service is just launched there are various benefits of using this service. It’s already been in the Food delivery services for a long time. They are offering the below benefits;-

  • Nominal Delivery charges
  • Grocery Delivery in 15-30 Mins
  • Long Home Delivery service hours
  • Delivery from Swiggy’s own store

Nominal Delivery Charges;- They are only charging Rs.35 for home delivery on shopping below Rs.199. If your grocery shopping bill goes above Rs.199 then the home delivery charges are reduced to Rs.25 only. So always check before ordering the product from them.

Instant Grocery Delivery in 15-30 Minutes;- If you are in a hurry then grocery shopping may be your best choice as they are providing delivery in only 15-30 minutes. In some cases, the customer receives the order before 15 minutes if the service delivery location is near to their store. Earlier Big Bazaar announced 2 hours of home delivery services.

Long Home Delivery Service Hours;- Grocery Instamart grocery home delivery services are extended from morning 6 AM to Late at night. Their services are offered daily without delay. So be it your morning Tea time or late night ice cream time you can order anything. 6 Am services are one of the best features of their service.

Delivering from Its own store;- Earlier it was providing home delivery from the local Kirana stores through the marketplace, but now delivering from its own store. Product availability & range has been increased in their grocery store. Quality products & daily discounts are offered from the shopping platform.

How to use the Swiggy Grocery Shopping App?

The grocery shopping service is only available on their Swiggy app. To use the service you can install the app from either the Play Store or the App Store. Below is the process to install the app;-

  • Install the app from the play store
  • Swiggy is their mobile app name
  • Once it’s installed, you will see the “Instamart” option
  • This option is only valid for the selected cities only

How to Place an order on Swiggy Instamart Grocery shopping app?

Once you have successfully installed the app complete the registration process. After completing the registration process go to the Instamart option. There you find an option to either search for products or select from the category shown on the page & complete the process;-

  • Click on the product you want to shop for
  • The “Add” option will be visible click there
  • Once added all products click on the “View Cart” option
  • All products will be visible there
  • You can add more qty there if needed
  • If you have any Coupons use there in the “Coupon” option
  • Now click “Continue” to complete the shopping

What are Swiggy Home delivery charges & Fees for grocery shopping?

Swiggy home delivery services are very nominal. This newly launched service is only active for the selected city only. As there is no minimum order value condition they have Rs.35 for home delivery. Below is the full details of the charges & fees for home delivery services;-

  • Home delivery charges of Rs.35 if the order value is less than Rs.199
  • Rs.35 home delivery charges above an order value of Rs.199
  • Carrybag charges Rs.6 minimum or as per the order products

What is Swiggy Instamart cities list?

The home delivery services are only active in the selected cities only. As their official website states, they are offering services in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore & Delhi-NCR areas. Customers from these cities can avail the amazing shopping experience sitting in the comfort of their homes. They are planning to add more cities in the coming future.

Products offered by Swiggy Instamart for grocery home delivery;-

Swiggy offered various products to their customer from their shopping platform. Be it grocery essential or fresh fruits/vegetables you find it there. Below is a full list of the range of the products offered by them;-

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dairy, Bread & Eggs products,
  • Breakfast & spreads items
  • Cooking oils
  • Munchies
  • Instant food items
  • Fresh Meat

Instamart Fruits & Meat Delivery;- Home delivery service especially Meat from their grocery store is what people love most. There are only a few platforms that are offering only meat home delivery.

How to find the Swiggy Instamart Coupon code & offers for today?

There might be various websites that offered Swiggy Instamart coupon codes, but Swiggy itself offered the coupon code. The best place to find the coupon code is to visit the mobile app of the shopping platform. Just add a few products to your cart & go to the “Apply Coupon” section on that cart page. There you will see the latest coupon code & full details about the discount coupons. Below are the details of currently running coupon codes;-

Offer NameCoupon Code
Get 250 ml Red Bull Energy Drink freeFREEREDBULL
Offer DateValid till 27-Oct-2021

The above coupon code offers you free Red Bull on your grocery shopping.

Offer NameCoupon Code
Free Home Delivery on Bill value above Rs.99FRDLNEW
Offer DateValid till 31-Oct-2021

By using the above coupon code your home delivery will be free on a minimum order value of Rs.99.

Offer NameCoupon Code
Free 440 Gms Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia FREEBHUJIA
Offer DateValid till 31-Oct-2021

Apply this coupon for Free 440 Gms Aloo Bhujia from the Haldiram brand with your home delivery. Use the exact coupon code shown above.

How to use Swiggy instamart?

You can use the Instamart from Swiggy through their shopping app. Download the app for your android or iPhone from their app store.


What are the Home Delivery charges for grocery shopping from Swiggy?

Rs. 35 if the bill value is below Rs.199, Rs.25 if the order value is above Rs.199

What is the Max quantity we can order for grocery shopping?

3 Max qty of single items you can order for home delivery.

Can we order from the Swiggy Instamart Website?

No, as of now place your order from the shopping app.

What are Swiggy Instamart Timings?

Morning 6 AM to Late Night.

How to use Swiggy Instamart?

Use the service through their Swiggy App by clicking on the “Instamart” option.

Read More;-

Conclusion;- As the services are running successfully in the pilot city, they are excited to launch in other cities as well. One of their main USP of delivering the order in 15-30 is what people love most. Apart from this their hours of service start early 6 Am & provide service up to the late night. During Diwali season when you will hurry & need food items in minutes remember Siwggy Instamart grocery delivery.

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