How to Get Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Refund 5 Quick Ways

How to get Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Refund from Big Bazaar reliance Smart Bazaar stores?

How can i refund my Big Bazaar profit club card? Why delay in Big Bazaar card Refund? What will happen to the big bazaar profit club card after the Reliance takeover? These questions arise in mind when we have invested in the Big Bazaar membership card.

Existing customers of Big Bazaar who has big Bazaar profit club card are not able to redeem their balance in the Smart Bazaar reliance stores. Today we will give you complete information about the online Reliance & Big Bazaar profit club card updates.

What Big Bazaar stores are closed?

Since March 2022 all the stores of Big Bazaar are closed. Its stores are converted to smart bazaar reliance stores now. All the stock of the future group is not moved from the stores & new stock is received through the reliance team.

Big Bazaar profit club card customers are confused about the whole situation, as Reliance is not allowing the use of Big Bazaar cards in their new grocery stores.

What is the Big Bazaar Profit Club Card?

Big Bazaar Profit Club is the most innovative product that the Indian retail market has ever witnessed. It offers an unmatched value proposition to its customers.

Here is a unique membership program where one can pay Rs 10,000 and can shop for Rs 1,000 per month for the next 12 months i.e.Rs 12,000 over a period of 12 months.

At Big Bazaar we have always tried to understand our customer’s well-being, keeping in mind their love for better bargains and getting maximum value out of each rupee they spend.

This has always pushed us to think innovatively and strive to continue giving our customers additional reasons to shop. With a simple yet value-adding proposition, we always strive to bring exclusivity to our members in terms of the offers presented and additional benefits to be availed.

What will happen to Big Bazaar profit club card?

As reliance has refused to accept the cards citing, that Reliance is the new company & cards belong to Future Group. Customers of Future group are running here & there to redeem their loyalty cards.

Few customers suggest that few stores are operational & people are using the card in those stores. But officially no statement has been received from the big bazaar.

Can I use the profit club card after reliance takeover in Smart Bazaar stores?

No, we have visited a few of the nearest Smart bazaar stores in our city, but they refused to accept the card. Straight away denied using the card at the Smart Bazaar stores. They have tried to swap the card but it didn’t work at the stores.

Where can i use Big bazaar profit club card?

Big Bazaar profit club card can in used in Big Bazaar future group stores only. The future group has several stores which are running under their management.

Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory, Home Town, Ezone & Food hall are the formats that accept the card.

How to use Profit club card online

Online shopping from the Profit club card is only available if the card is activated through the Future Pay wallet. Before using the card for online transactions user must configure it through the Future Pay Wallet OTP verification.

Since the Big Bazaar online shopping website is not accessible now, one can’t use the card online for shopping.

How to use the balance of the Big Bazaar Profit Club Card?

Locate the nearest big bazaar stores from the store locator & check if the store is operational.

If the store is operational; visit the store & use the balance at the store.

If a store is not operational, follow the big Bazaar profit club card refund & cancellation process.

Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Refund process

In case of getting a refund from Big Bazaar follows the Big bazaar refund process. The process remains the same as it was earlier. Refund & cancellation process is described for your reference.

Big Bazaar Profit Club Card RefundProcess
Refund Via Customer Care Number1800 266 2255
E-mail for Big Bazaar card refund[email protected]
Big Bazaar Head office address for a refundBig Bazaar – Share with us
Knowledge House, Shyam Nagar,
Jogeshwari East, Mumbai – 400060
Refund through Reliance Smart Bazaar storesContact the old Big Bazaar Staff
How to get Refund from Big Bazaarvisit the operational big bazaar store
Official website

Choose the refund process as per your convenience. Before processing the refund they required certain important details. These are the basic details to validate the ownership of the loyalty card.

Card Owner Name
Physical Original BBPC card.
Identity Proof (Card owner)
Cancel the cheque (any bank)
Payment Receipt (If any)
Balance amount in Card

How to cancel big bazaar profit club?

Check the below details to cancel the card quickly.

Sr. NoCancellation ThroughDetails
1Customer Care Number1800 266 2255
2E-mail for Big Bazaar [email protected]
3Big Bazaar Head office addressBig Bazaar – Share with us
Knowledge House, Shyam Nagar,
Jogeshwari East, Mumbai – 400060
4Through Reliance Smart Bazaar storesContact the old Big Bazaar Staff
5Via Big Bazaar storesvisit the operational big bazaar store

What happens to the unused balance amount on my Big Bazaar PROFIT CLUB card after the validity period?

 Amount unused after 18 months of the enrollment date will be refunded upon verification of the submission after proper customer verification.

How will the refund amount be calculated?

The refund amount will be the amount deposited by the member, less the amount utilized by the member and excluding the bonus amount of Rs. 2000/-which customer shall be entitled only on completion of program validity.

What to do if someone else takes the refund for my card in my absence?

 It is not possible for someone to take a refund of your card in your absence as a physical card or proof of identification is mandatory.


What happens to Big Bazaar wallet money?

The money in the Big Bazaar Wallet will expire post the last date of validity.

How can I check my Big Bazaar card validity?

To check the validity call the customer care number; 18002002255.

Is Big Bazaar shutting down?

Yes, the stores are closed now & Reliance has started Smart Bazaar stores in these locations.

What is big bazaar profit club complaints number?

Call on 18002002255 to register your complaints about Big bazaar.

How to get Refund from Big bazaar?

Follow the refund & cancellation process by calling the customer care number 18002002255 or sending an email to [email protected].

Big bazaar profit club card news?

Follow our blog for the latest news & updates.

Does Reliance accept Big Bazaar card?

No, Reliance does not accept the profit club card yet.

How to check the status of my refund from big Bazar?

Visit the official website or call the customer care number or contact through email.

Final Words:- The process of Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Refund is detailed in today’s post. Follow the process to get a refund from Future Group.

Refunds may be processed through email, customer care, or through contacting the customer care service executive. Since Reliance Smart Bazaar stores are not accepting the card & all stores of big bazaar shutting down, a refund is the only option to save your money.

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  1. I have a Profit Club Card no. 9226 9527 9592 74
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  2. Big bazaar customer care number not working and no reply from email. I was mailed my BBPC details and bank particulars 10 days before, but still no refund and no reply.

  3. My big bazar profit club card no 92282453714340 and also card no92294314734649 no customer care no working no reply email complaint pls refund the balance money process

  4. Big bazaar customer care number not working. Plz tell me the process for refund of Big Bazaar Profit Club Card Refund
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  5. The number is not working and so is the email, I have mailed all details, initially I got automated reply, but now all mails bouncing back..
    Please help us to get the refund. I have used the card only once and then ghe lock down happened and now my card is so expired. Where do the people go whose hard earned money is stuck ..please please help.

  6. Sir,
    How to get refund of biz bazaar profit club money toll-free number Email Customer care are closed.
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  7. I have 10k in my profit club Card, how can I get refund
    Is there any Big Bazar related stores open in Bangalore please let me know

  8. I am to get 20000₹ On 25 th February 2022! I invested that amount. Immediately after this 20/06/2022 I came to know its taken over by Reliance Smart mart at PUNE Kothrud. Said it’s Amazon n Bigbazar dispute n it’s SBI bankrupt matter. Since then I discussed with few old employees n with present Reliance Smart mart but no one is knowing or guiding me . I will try through Customer care n Email as many are trying. Can Government help us ? If anyone is successful if refunding please call me n share on my mail please. It’s a helpless situation. Hoping something good will come soon

  9. Hi, I have invested in 2 cards. If someone knows how to check balance plz help me. Secondly I want to get refund of profit club card. So plz help me customer care number. My number 9945608284

  10. I too owe money from Big Bazaar. I think this is a case of fraud, they have looted our money. The did not send any communication on profit club membership. Their customer care numbers and emails are not working. I think we should go ahead and file police complaint for fraud and cheating.

  11. Respected Sir ,
    Kindly refund this amount 10000 . Profit card membership . Big bazar . Customer care is blocked number . No any contact number . Profit membership card is big cheating. Not any information customer . Kindly look this matter .
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