Dmart Cashback Offer 2023 American Express Cards Offers

Dmart Cashback Offer 2023 American Express Cards Offers

Dmart is India’s best grocery supermarket retail store. They have more than 200 stores across Indian towns & cities. Very rarely do they offer cashback, but due to the festive season, they are running Cashback offers from American Express Card. These cashback offers are not highlighted prominently in their grocery store. Today we will you with complete information about the cashback offers, terms & conditions. Most of the Supermarkets are offering similar offers.

Dmart grocery stores are known to offer the best quality products at very competitive prices. Recently they have launched a new store in D’mart Sanand area & D mart Pithampur Area.

How to find Dmart Cashback offers?

As we have told earlier, Dmart itself didn’t promote any Cashback offers from their retail stores. Most of their cashback offers are not Instant Cashback. Another grocery store like Big Bazaar, Easyday offers Instant cashback on a certain bill value.

This is the main reason Dmart doesn’t promote it in its stores. All the Cashback is provided by the Bank or the Card owner company. This cashback will be reflected in the user’s bank account.

So how can you find Dmart Cashback offers? Bank cashback offers are highlighted on their official online shopping website. Dmart Ready is their official website for online grocery shopping. So the best way is to keep visiting their official website & get the latest information about the cashback offers.

What is Dmart Cashback offer for American Express Cards?

This cashback offer is exclusively for the cardholder of American Express. During the festival season, Dmart runs various offers, and cashback is one of them. Earlier Dmart was not initiating any kind of cashback offers.

Since they launched their online shopping app (DmartReady) Dmart has started giving cashback. Cashback is one of the main promotions that all online shopping websites run. To attract more customers to its online shopping app they are offering cashback.

American Express Cashback offers full details;-

They are offering 5% Cashback on minimum shopping values of Rs.3000. Below are more details about the Dmart Cashback Offer;-

Above are the details about the cashback offer 2023. To participate in the cashback offer just complete your shopping from any of the Retail stores or Dmart Ready Online.

How To Avail The Cashback Offers?

To avail of the offer swipe your card during your payments option. Follow any one of the options as per your shopping platform.

1- Shopping in Dmart Retail Store;- If you are shopping in the retail stores of Dmart, ask the cashier about the offers. If the cashier is not sure about the offer just ask them to check your bill value. The minimum shopping value for these offers is Rs. 3000. If your bill value is Rs.3000 or above just ask the cashier to swipe your American Express card. Keep the invoice & the receipt with you for future reference.
2- Shopping on Dmart Ready Online;- The customer who is shopping from their online shopping platform must have a minimum bill value of Rs.3000. During the online shopping from D’mart Ready app select an American Express card as your payment option.

What are the Terms & Conditions for the Cashback offers?

As this cashback offer is different from Big Bazaar, More Retail & Ichhapurti grocery store, read the T&C carefully.

  1. To enroll for the offer Click here
  2. 5% CashBack (maximum ₹500 for American Express Card) on regular card swipe net purchase value of minimum ₹3000 at DMart Stores & DMart Ready.
  3. Enrollment is mandatory for this offer.
  4. Offer validity – 7th September 2021 to 6th October 2021.
  5. Only one (first) transaction is eligible for CashBack.
  6. Please note CashBack will be reflected on the American Express Bank card statement and not on the DMart Ready invoice.
  7. Offer is the sole responsibility of American Express; Avenue Ecommerce Ltd. (DMart Ready) will not be liable for the same.
  8. This offer cannot be clubbed with any other American Express Card promotion at DMart Ready.
  9. CashBack is not applicable on Network and Corporate Cards.
  10. The cash-back amount should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from the qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.

Important Note;-

Please note that enrollment is mandatory for availing of this offer. You must enroll before completing the shopping online or offline. Without the enrollment, the cashback will not be credited to your account. Follow the process for the enrollment as given below;-

What to do if Cashback is not received?

In any circumstances, if you didn’t receive the cashback, follow the process given below. There might be some instances where there will be delays in Cashback. Don’t panic just keep all the billing-related documents with you & contact customer care. American Express card receipt, Dmart invoice required for claiming the cashback. Always keep your billing-related documents with you until the cashback is received.

What is the Amazon Warehouse Website?

Contact the Customer Care of American Express card in case you have any concerns. You may call the number printed on the backside of your card.

How to check if Dmart American Express Card Cashback was Received on my account?

As per the offer terms & conditions, the cashback will be reflected on your card statement. It takes 5 days to reflect the cashback on your American Express card. Typically the cashback is reflected in 5 days, but in many cases, it can take up to 90 days.


Is this an Instant Cashback offer?

No, it’s not an instant cashback offer.

What is the minimum shopping required to qualify for the American Express Cashback?

Rs.3000 is the minimum shopping value.

How much is the maximum amount of Cashback one can receive?

Rs.500 is the maximum amount for receiving the cashback.

Can I qualify for the cashback without the enrollment?

No, as enrollment is mandatory, you can qualify without enrollment.


American Express Dmart Cashback offer is a great deal for grocery shopping. Dmart offers all daily needs & essential items for home delivery from their online app. As cashback offers are very rarely offered by Dmart, enjoy the cashback benefit from this festive season.