What is the Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offer for Today?

What is the Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offer for Today?

Easyday membership card is a loyalty card from the Esayday stores in India. These cardholders have various benefits to their registered users. Today we will discuss the renewal card offers. As these offers are very attractive & the renewal process is very easy. Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offer is best if your old account is expired.

What are Easyday Membership card full details?

Membership cards by Easy Day are open to the public. Any customer can get a participant in the membership program. This offer provides you additional 10% discount on grocery shopping from their retail store. If you have enrolled in this card, so you will get every time 10% discount on the product’s offer price. This discount is over the offer price which is shown on the price signages.

Below are the benefits of registering for this program;-

  • 10% Discount on your grocery shopping;- A 10% discount is applied when you use this membership card. A physical or digital card is mandatory to use the 10% discount on your shopping. Discount is additional from the offer price displayed on their retail stores. Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offers customers will always get this 10% discount on their daily shopping.
  • Cashback on grocery shopping:- Various cashback offers are running on an easy day. Recently they were running cashback offers on Milk. Cashback offers are where a customer pays the offer price of the products & gets the cashback amount on their membership card. For example, the 500 ML Milk offer price is Rs. 20 & the Cashback price is Rs. 10, so a user will get Rs.10 cashback on their membership card. Various other retails like More Supermarket & Ichhapurti grocery offers cashback from grocery shopping.
  • Members-only exclusive offers:- Apart from the regular offer & cashback offer various membership-only offers are running by Easyday. To attract more customers & generate more footfall to its retail store they running this kind of members-only offers. These are exclusive offers for the easy day club card membership holder.

Latest Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offer;-

Currently, they are running a very attractive offer for the renewal of the Easy day membership card. Fresh vegetables & fruits are their main strength. As their competitor, Dmart is not offering Fruits & vegetables from their retail store. Below are the full details of the currently running membership card offers.

1- Cashback of Rs.500

in Future Pay Wallet will be given once you renew your club card. Just visit the store & ask for the renewal offer details. This cashback will be credited to your Future Pay card once the renewal process is completed. Typically it takes 24 Hrs to post the renewal process is completed successfully.

2- A gift voucher worth

Rs. 500 will be given to you which is redeemable on your next grocery shopping. This gift voucher has a value worth Rs.500. This voucher is easily redeemable on all the retail grocery stores of Easyday club card. Please note this cab be only used at their store, online this voucher is not accepted. So the best way to use the voucher is just to visit the club card stores.

So if you accumulate the total benefit is equal to the amount you pay for the renewal. Rs.999 is the renewal amount that is paid for renewing the membership card.

What is Easy Day Cashback App?

Future Pay is the cashback app of Easy Day. Apart from the Easy Day card Future pay is a cashback app for Big Bazaar, Fbb & Neelgiri stores as well. When you do the shopping from these stores the cashback amount gets credited to your Future Pay account. Your Future Pay account is linked with your club membership card.

How to get the latest update about the Easy Day membership card Renewal offer?

Visit this store for the latest update on the membership recharge offer. If you are not able to visit the store, you can call their customer care number. Most of the time they send you reminder messages about the renewal offers.

If still, you didn’t receive the renewal message, just update your mobile number from the Future Pay App.

What are Easyday membership fees?

Rs.999 is the Easyday membership fee for the renewal & new enrollment. Moreover, by paying this amount you get a physical card. Apart from this physical card, you get additional benefits worth Rs.1000. These benefits are in the form of 500 Worth gift voucher & Rs.500 in Future Pay wallet cashback.


What is Easy Eay Membership card validity?

The club card validity is 1 Year from the date of registration.

Where can we use the membership card?

This membership card can be used at Easy Day stores.

Can we use this card on Big Bazaar?

Yes, you can use this card on Big Bazaar.

How much discount do we get in Big Bazaar through this membership card?

You get a 10% discount on Fashion apparel products shopping from Big Bazaar stores.

What is the process for Easy day card balance check?

Check the balance from the Future Pay app, or call the customer care number from your registered mobile number.

Conclusion;- As Easyday grocery stores are becoming popular their membership card are very benefitial. Easy Day Membership Card Renewal Offer can be found on their future pay app & online grocery app.

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