Easy Day Business Model; How Easyday Grocery Business Model Works?

Easy Day Business Model; How Easyday Grocery Business Model Works?

The new business venture of Future Group which is Easyday was launched a few years ago. There grocery business EasyDay Club gaining momentum in the grocery business market. Their business model works in Omnichannel mode; online to offline. Placing grocery orders from their web or mobile app is a really easy process. The customer easily places orders online & gets doorstep delivery at their home. Below are full details of the Easy Day Business Model.

Currently, Easyday is serving in limited areas only as per local restrictions. Future group planning big with Easyday club stores. They are scaling their business day by day. The company offers various grocery products & essential products.

Easy Day Business Model How Easyday Work?

Currently, Easyday is offering Mobile/web & WhatsApp-based delivery to its customers. Their shopping app is easily available free of cost in & Apple App Store as well. Free home, delivery, Whatsapp-based grocery delivery, and store Pickup are the options that are currently the offering. Slowly they are building a strong presence in the market. Recently they have launched a Milk offer for its customers of club cards. Earlier they started it as a Pilot project, now they are growing rapidly & replicating the success in other stores as well. Future Group is continuously building new products for Easy Day stores for its loyal customers.

EasyDay Features & Business Plan Strength;

A strong business plan is the key to success for any business. Below are the details of features that Easyday have;-

Easyday Club Card

The Easy Day club card is a membership card, which offers unique benefits to its customers. 10% Discount, Free Gift Voucher, and cashback with loyalty points make their club car unique. Read more details of the Easyday club card in the last post. 10% discount on grocery shopping is trending in the grocery market. Most of the customers love to shop, as the 10% discount is a key benefit of the club card. Customers can enroll in their club card by visiting their stores or can purchase the membership online as well.

Pan India Presence of Easy Day Business Model

More than 800 store presence across India makes Easyday a dominant player in grocery shopping. Most of the grocery stores are located in highly populated cities in India. Their strong presence enables their customers to have a choice of grocery shopping from any nearby grocery store. Easy Day stores have a strong presence in North India, especially the Punjab region.

Free Home Delivery

The company is offering free home delivery to all its customers. All your grocery products are directly delivered to your doorstep. WhatsApp grocery shopping is their unique feature which is detailed below. Easy Day Business Model working on providing free home delivery to all its club membership holders.

WhatsApp Based Grocery Shopping

Their WhatsApp-based grocery shopping makes them the strongest in the competition. WhatsApp-based grocery shopping home delivery is a unique concept & solely started by Easyday. People not familiar with technology accept this unique concept quickly.

Easy Return / Refund Policy

They are offering a question-asked policy when it comes to refund & return of the products. Their customer-friendly & customer-oriented approach is always appreciated by its customers. Easy online return & in-store refunds are made quickly, so the customer feels delighted. Easy return is Easy Day Business Model’s one of the main key features.

CashBack Offers is the Main key of the Easy Day Business Model

Easy Day is always running various cashback offers at the product level. Recently their Milk cashback offer is trending. Grocery shopping is a daily shopping process & people love to receive cashback from Easy Day. Easy Day Business Model’s success can be measured when seeing a long queue at their cash counter during the promo period of Cashback. Last year they were running ” Panni Ke Daam Me Doodh Offer” Milk at the cost of Water, this promo was widely viral in the grocery market. They were offering huge cashback on Milk products. this makes them a real king of marketing strategy & they pulled a lot of footfall to their stores during his promo.

Big Discount on grocery shopping

EAsyday offers a minimum of 10% discount on every grocery product for its club members. They are expecting to replicate its success of online shopping in other stores as well. Their future projects will be Easyday Franchise stores. As said earlier the cashback offers are huge in discount.

Future Pay App

Their Future Pay app is a unique loyalty & digital wallet app for its partner’s stores as well. This app is a digital wallet, through which customers are able to connect all their loyalty cards with the app. The success of the Easy Day business model enables them to stand out from the crowd. All the Cashback-related offers cashback is credited to the Future Pay app wallet & you can redeem the amount in any of the group applicable stores.

Conclusion;- The final word about the Easy Day business model is it has huge potential to grow. They have reached a store count of more than 800 in the last few months which is increasing their presence. Some of the Easyday stores are giving tough competition to Big Bazaar & D’mart grocery stores. Future Pay App, Club card, Free Cashback & WhatsApp grocery shopping are the main features that make them larger than life in the grocery market.

Future Group’s recent deal with Reliance Retail will definitely add more features to its bucket. They will now directly compete with D mart grocery stores along with Reliance & Big Bazaar combined grocery stores. Its Unique club card is the main game-changer, attracting more & more customers to its stores. Customers are exploring new options for grocery shopping & comparing everything as all the stores are online in present condition. The Long-term business plan of Easy Day’s marketing strategy keeps them sustained for a long time in the competitive grocery business.

Easy Day Business Plan Future prediction

They must go ahead with the current marketing & product mix. Increasing stock visibility & cash flow will definitely keep them ahead of the competition. Nowadays people are interested in completing their grocery shopping at their home comfort.