Easyday Refund & Return Policy Details For Grocery Shopping

Easyday Refund & Return Policy Details

Today we will discuss the Easyday Refund & Return Policy. There are more than 1010 easyday stores. Most of them are located in the neighborhood area or social area. Future group is expanding the numbers of stores rapidly.

Once you have done the shopping, we never thought of returning the products as all the products are food products. In case we find any discrepancy or error in the billing you can contact customer care directly. As they are selling essential grocery & daily need products from their store, their return & refund policy is very flexible.

So today we will discuss the complete process of exchange, return & refund policy of the Easyday stores. similar to other retail stores they have opted for the same easy return & customer-first policy for all the returns and refunds.

What is the Easyday Return & Refund Policy?

Whether offline or online shopping these policies are similar in many cases. Service customer is their first priority when it comes to grocery shopping. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the products, or the products are not in good condition contact them directly.

Contacting the customer care of the Easy Day stores is very easy, all the information regarding the customer care of easy day is given here.

Easy Day Exchange Policy Details 2023

Once you have decided to return or exchange the products, please keep in mind the below point for easy return. Always go ahead once you have all the documents or proof of purchase regarding your shopping. Once you have all the documents proceed further for the exchange or return.

Document required for Easyday Return & Refund

  • -Original invoice as proof of purchase- always required when you want to initiate return or exchange from Easyday stores.
  • -Original products are intact- purchased products must be in good condition so they can be returned easily.
  • -Products are unused- Used products can’t be exchanged, all the products should be in unused condition.
  • Free gift must be returned- if any products have free gift, that must be accompanied with the original product.

Refund of Online shopping done through EesyDay Online App

Online shopping is growing rapidly, below are the details of the refund policy for online shopping.

  • -Customer may return the product during the delivery time.
  • _They have the option to return the product later on in easy day stores.
  • -If Payments made online; a refund will be made in the Future Pay Account,
  • -For Cash-on-delivery COD pay for the items which are accepted by you.
  • -All COD products amount will be refunded in your Future Pay Account only.

What is Refund Process of Easyday Online Shopping?

Easyday online shopping is the most loved grocery shopping store, people love to shop online through their online website. If you have come across anywhere you are not satisfied with the quality of products or received short/damaged product initiate refund. The refund process is simplified in the below process;

  • -Identify the product which required refund,
  • -Call the customer care number & raise a complaint,
  • -Visit the store with the original invoice & product,
  • -Share the complaint with them & get your refund initiated,
  • -Keep in mind that Refund will be initiated in Future Pay Wallet only,

Grocery shopping return policy for online shopping;

Whenever we order essential grocery online, few & most important points need to be take care;

Check the Expiry date of the products; Once you have received the product from the online shopping app, always check the expiry dates of all the products,

Check MRP of all the grocery products; Checking MRP of all the products is very much important parts, always cross-verify the MRP of the product with the invoice or the bill which you have received from the online grocery store.

Always check the weight of the loos products; Checking the weight of the product which are sold in loose, especially in the case of Fruits & Vegetables. All the farm-fresh products must be check for weight, as the product’s actual weight may vary. If found any discrepancy in the weight inform the customer care of the easy day store quickly.

Check for FREE SKU or Offer Products; As most of the company promote their products online, the best way to promote new products is to sell the product with a combo offer. Always be sure that if any free products are printed on the bill. Check if the promotional or combo products are reached with your home delivery or not.

How to Get a Refund or Return for Online grocery shopping from Easy Day?

Getting a refund for the products which you have bought online from Easyday stores is an easy to process. Once the home delivery is reached at your doorstep verify that all the products are reached in good condition & as per the bill is generated. Once you have identified any variance in the offer shown on the app or printed on the bill, follow the below process for easy refund or return;

  • Immediately inform the customer care of Easyday store
  • Share all the details of the invoice with them
  • Explain the discrepancy in detail with them
  • Receive a complaint number from the customer service
  • Wait for the time frame suggested by the customer care
  • If not satisfied with their response email them or approach social media

How to approach the customer care of Easyday for Return or Refund?

Once you have received the complaint number from the customer care of Easyday stores follow for the refund. Refund is paid in case of short or damaged products are dispatched to you. Moreover, customers may approach the nearest easyday club store.

Visit the nearest easy store with all the appropriate documents. documents related to the purchase done via online shopping, proof of purchase, bill, invoice & your bank statement will be required if any cashback-related issue.

Important points about Easyday Refund & Return Policy

The refund & return policy of Easyday has explained above. Easyday customer care service is your one-stop destination if found any discrepancy in your bill. Their club stores are just stepping ways in case you are not able to contact customer service for your return & refund. The return & refund policy is updated frequently.