How to Get Easy Day Franchise in India Cost, Profit & Investment

Easy Day Franchise; How to get Easy Day Franchise?

Easy Day Franchise; How to get Easy Day Franchise?

As the demand for grocery shopping is increasing, the name of Easyday stores is rising in mind. If you look at the convenience supermarket stores in India, Easy day stores are the only player. They are fully stock-up with daily essential grocery & daily need products. Below is the complete process of Easyday or Easyday club franchise process, benefits & cost.

They have over 1000 supermarket grocery stores across the county in more than 200 cities. They are expanding their reach through the franchise network.

Benefits of Easy Day Grocery Store Franchise;

Easy day stores are pioneers in serving local customers through their good & grocery stores. If you are interested in the business opportunity by Easyday stores read on as all the benefits are detailed below;

  • It’s a grocery business franchise that is growing rapidly,
  • Ready to go store for the franchise,
  • No additional skills required for Easyday stores Franchise,
  • Just Invest & get an easy return
  • Great ROI for your investment

What are the Basic requirements for becoming EasyDay Club Franchise?

Easyday is looking for prominent space in all the cities across India. Below is the detail of the requirements for starting the franchise business in India.

Own a verified property; this is the main & basic requirement by Easyday. The minimum area they required is 1000-1500 sq ft for grocery business franchises. Interested candidates with the above details may approach for further documentation.

Retail Business knowledge; This is not a mandate, but having basic knowledge about retail operations & the grocery business will make you more comfortable. Learning retail operations & store business is very easy.

Fulfill The Documentation requirements; once you have completed the above-said requirements, now complete the documentation process which is described below;

What documents are required to start an Easy-Day grocery Business Partner?

A franchise business is an agreement between you & the company. It’s required a basic document to complete the process. All the list of the documents required for the Franchise Agreement with the grocery store;

  • -Documents of Registered Property (Original)
  • -Aadhaar card of the person ready to become Franchise
  • -PAN Card of the person
  • -GST Number of the firm
  • -GST certificate
  • -Registered member’s passport size photos
  • -Firm’s registration certificates

How to Apply for Easy Day Franchise?

Applying online for the franchise is an easy day follow the process detailed below. Eligible candidates who qualified for the Easy day club franchise can apply online. Before applying online ensure & recheck all the documents carefully.

How can i get Easy Day Franchise easily?

Complete the steps shown below for the getting easy day franchise;

Open the official website of the easy club stores;

  • -Fill the required details as shown,
  • -Enter you Name, Mobile Number & email id,
  • -Fill property details, address, city name & Carpet area,
  • -Once all details filled click on (SUBMIT) button,

EasyDay club Franchise business model details;

It should be noted that Easyday does not offer any franchise business opportunities. All the Easyday club stores are fully owned and run by Future Retail Ltd. However, if you have a suitable space you can rent it out to Easyday.

What is Easy Day Franchise Fees?

If you are now clear about how to get an easy day franchise? so now let’s discuss what is Easy Day franchise fees or cost in India. Officially they have not disclosed the Easy day franchise fees, but this may depend upon the area of the store & some other business aspects.

More details about Easyday Franchise Business;-

As grocery stores of Easy club stores are located in a very prominent area of your city. you can directly contact the store manager for the same. Alternately you can find their information about the Franchise business on their official website, which is a detailed process about the franchise partner program.

How to successfully run a Grocery Store Business as an Franchise?

Once you have completed the business process & now they have handed over the store to you, you can start your success journey now. Before processing further you must know what type of franchise you own as per their business agreement;-

COCO Franchise Model of the grocery store for Easy Day;

This COCO franchise model is Company owned & Company operated business model, the company takes care of every aspect of business transactions & customer service. Being a partner in this COCO model your prime responsibility is just to ensure that you support the company running smooth operation daily.

COFO Franchise Model for Grocery Store;

Company-owned & Franchise Operate model for grocery store required mode dedication & business sense to run store smoothly. This business model has more earning potential as you will earn more as the company’s revenue grows. Dedication, and business intelligence required to run this Franchise for the grocery stores.

Responsibility of Easy Day Franchise;-

Once your franchise application is accepted & you have completed the partnership as a Franchise for Easy Day Club store, now the actual business starts.

Marketing Support;- As the company is new in your area & they require the customer to do business. Being a local & prominent personality for your area, you need to support the marketing team of Easy Day stores. The marketing strategy is to bring more customers to the easy day store or Easy day online shopping app.

Support in Recruitment;- To run the daily operations & customer service for the store, Easy day required staff who can perform these daily jobs perfectly. as a Franchise, you must support the store HR in hiring suitable candidates for the jobs. Cashier, Customer care executive, packers are the common job profile for the Easy day grocery store.

Business Licences Process Support;- Local authority’s permission is required to run store operation smoothly, these license processes can be complicated & complex. If you already run a local business then, you must have gone through all the processes for the same. Grocery store required various licenses; trade license, insecticide license, local shop registration license, you can support your Easy day store Admin department go et all this license easily.

Easy Day Franchise for home delivery;-

Easy Day online grocery shopping is growing sententiously, their whats-app shopping & online-based shopping service are far better than eCommerce. People love to get fresh fruits & vegetables which deliver same day to customer doorstep with no extra cost. Easy Day franchise for home delivery business role starts here.

Please note we are discussing the Easy Day franchise for a home delivery business. Like all the home delivery of online grocery shopping is done through a local store, you can send a proposal for getting a home delivery business partner for easy day club stores.

Role for Easy Day home delivery business partner

Home delivery business for grocery & daily essential offers to all the easy day club members. If you don’t know about the Easy Day club cards yet visit here. Once you have enrolled for the membership you are eligible for free home delivery from the stores. WhatsApp shopping is their new feature launched recently during this tough time. Your main role being as a Home delivery partner for easy day stores is as given below;

  • Provide home delivery staff for home delivery;
  • Home delivery services for agreed area
  • Collect return of products
  • Daily cash collection for Cash on Delivery

FAQ About Eas Day Club Franchise

Q-1 How much is Easy day franchise earnings?

Ans- The earning of the Easy Day franchise may vary as the club stores are having various formats.

Q-2 What is Easy Day Head Office Contact Number for Franchise?

Ans- Below is the details of Easy Day Head office contact number for franchise business

For Feedback
Feedback Number1800 2100 088
Investor Contact Number022 – 6644 2200/6119 0000
Investor Fax Number022 – 6644 2201/6199 5019