How to Create A Winning Grocery Loyalty App like Future Pay?

How to Create A Winning Grocery Loyalty App like Future Pay?

As you must know the Future Pay app is designed by Future for its grocery business is a loyalty-based app. This type of unique app hasn’t been in the Indian market which offers a unique proposition to the customers. If you wish to run a successful franchise business of grocery stores or wish to open your own online grocery business then you must read on. Today we will in-depth about how to create a winning grocery loyalty app like future Pay which attract more customers for your grocery store.

Owning loyalty cards of grocery stores & receiving a bonus on your spending is what we love from Supermarket. Easy day supermarket loyalty app was launched recently, you can read more information about the app here.

Why You need an App like Future Pay?

Owning a grocery business? then you know the math of loyal customers & why it’s a must-have for your business growth. People love to recommend the app & service to the near & dear they use most. Below is the list of benefits that you get if you launch a loyalty app for the grocery business;

Customer Database

The loyalty app is a win-win situation for both customers & business owners. The customer gets loyalty point benefits & business owners get a database of customers. With Mobile app can get information about customers’ behaviors & their intent & shopping pattern. You must start a loyalty app once you start receiving good responses from your grocery stores.

In the market, personalized offers growing high on e-commerce platforms & most of the big players do the same. This new start for personalized offers gaining momentum as they are fully personalized offers. Every use gets offers as per their shopping pattern & buying behavior.

Convenience of Shopping feature in the Loyalty App

As Future pay loyalty app of Esayday provides you with various offers & promotional offers in one place. Loyalty apps are easy to use & also provide convenience for grocery shopping. Future Pay app’s integrated features provide you easy to shop across all the Future Group grocery stores, Big Bazaar & Easyday.

All the app-based loyalty programs enable the customer to receive C-Coupon & redeem them either online or offline. a similar feature of Easy day grocery shopping app Future Pays to make them strong in the big competition. Easy navigation & speed of the app are the major features that a user must seek in a mobile app.

How to Create A Winning Grocery Loyalty App like Future Pay? what are the must-have features?

The success of a business is measured with loyal customers & loyal customers are easy to retain for business growth. A winning grocery loyalty app must provide the below-given features to its customers to match the Future Pay success;

Android & iOS version

The first & based rule for a successful loyalty app is proved both the most popular version for mobile devices. The launched Future Pay loyalty app was only launched for Android users, but later they launched its iOS version. So if you are planning to launch a grocery shopping loyalty, then this must be your first preference for the mobile app. Both the popular mobile version is a highly active user base.

Profile feature

People love to have their personal information on any app or social media platform. So when designing a loyalty app, you must enable personal profile features for its customers. The basic details of the customer enable you to get closer & offer them products as per their profile. All the details of customers provide a grocery business with ease for customer profiling.

Exclusive CashBack feature in Loyalty App like Future Pay

I personally love the Future Pay app, as its cashback feature is unique & most of the time there is cashback on daily grocery items. When you purchase any products from the Easyday store, the cashback is always credited to your Future Pay app wallet. Without installing the mobile app you can’t avail the shopping cashback benefits from Easy.

So a customer must have to download the Loyalty app, which is increasing their customer base rapidly.

Personalized Reward/Shopping benefits

Reward & shopping benefits are separate from Cashback which they offer to its customers. All of your shopping benefits must be integrated with your loyalty app this is a must-have feature. Bonus & special discounts are always welcomed by customers. As Future pay app credits Rs.100 to their nonactive user, your loyalty app must have this type of feature. Providing special discount coupons for non-active users & guiding them to the store should be your prime focus.

Invoice History

This feature enables customers to have a record of their past invoices. You can check your previous purchase history in their grocery loyalty app. This feature is very useful for customers. Buying behavior & shopping patterns of a customer are easy to identify with this feature. Most of the people don’t carry print invoices with them. A digital invoice is a great tool for grocery shopping mobile apps.

Integration of Home Delivery app

People don’t appreciate having separate apps for home delivery. Bridge the gap by integrating your home delivery app with a loyalty app. This feature enables the customer to have a hassle-free experience for doorstep home delivery. Just have one loyalty app & access all the features e.g. shopping, loyalty benefits & cashback offers.

Development Cost of Grocery Loyalty App like Future Pay

It’s recommended that you must approach a professional mobile app developer for your loyalty app. Developing a grocery loyalty app like Future Pay is a tough task, but doesn’t cost you much.

The Cost of developing a loyalty app for your grocery business may vary.

Final words on the Grocery loyalty app;

The success of a business is measured by its revenue & cost involved in the business. A loyalty apps may cost you a few bucks, but in the long run, the benefits will increase your profitability gradually. The thing you should keep in mind which developing a grocery shopping loyalty app like Easy days is; convenience, loyalty rewards & frequent cashback for its customer base. Home delivery app integration & invoice history are the features that make your loyalty app