Easyday Online Shopping How to Save More on Grocery Shopping?

Easyday Online Shopping How to Save More on Grocery Shopping?

Easyday online grocery shopping is the best online grocery shopping app in India. They have doorstep free home delivery, a 10% discount on grocery shopping & Whatsapp shopping features why people love it. Recently we have given full details of Easyday club card membership. Today we will discuss how you can save more on your online grocery shopping from the Easyday online shopping app.

Let’s discuss in detail how you can save more on your grocery shopping one by one. These tips will help you save more from the EasyDay grocery store online & offline,

1-Write down your product list for online shopping

List down all your vegetables as per your family choice. Listing down the names of the grocery items or daily vegetables will help to have a quick look and make a quick list. So that you will not forget anything. Whether it’s or you visiting the store always making a list is a good habit for grocery shopping.

2-Make List before going to the Supermarket

It helps you in many ways. So that whenever you are in the kitchen & suddenly you recall something that will be on the next grocery list, you can add the item in there. This applies to all the shopping be it grocery or Fashion apparel. Having a list saves you time in the supermarket & you can timely checkout. Easyday Online Shopping offers to make a list of grocery shopping on their Whatsapp shopping features.

3-Don’t do Impulse shopping

Superstores have a policy to allure you to buy more by setting exciting products at the billing counter. You will see if Doritos are 100 rs, they are giving 40 rs off on that product. So don’t buy it because it has an offer, but only if you need it. I have chosen 3 stores in our area as per their discounts and offers. As Easyday stores will definitely mark down their oil prices at low cost and another store gives good offers on daily grocery items. Except for a few offers most are fake. Before buying them do compare them with the non-offered products and don’t forget to check quality.

4-Check Product Expiry Dates;-

If you are buying frozen goods, do not forget to check the expiry date, most of that is why they used to be on offer. you can see a simple example here, they have tried to hide lifebuoy hand soap with an offer, and nonoffer products are in front.  if you know you are going to use to then always go for big packs or super saver packs.  like all perishable items milk cottage cheese idli batter always try to pack your frozen items separately, so that after reaching home you can quickly put them in the fridge or freezer.  so they have a little more time to maintain their right temperature and you will be tension-free. if you pack your cleaning products with your food items, there are high chances for contamination.  In case of spillage, all your food items will be wasted.

5-Organize your Grocery shopping bag well

If you organize your groceries in the store itself then after reaching home you need to just unpack them in their respective cabinet quickly. Always look for the expiry date, especially according to your usage. This way you can store the product with long validity and save money. This helps you maintain the product well in your shopping bag. Easyday has a long list of products to choose from.

6-Easyday Online Shopping Cashback Offers

You can find these types of flyers at the entrance of any supermarket. So before buying the product always check if there is any offer waiting for you or not. For example, if you suppose to buy tomatoes and you see that if you buy above 1 kg you can save at least 5-6 rs. Cashback offers from Easyday Online Shopping are quite popular, as milk cashback offers. Easyday offers online cashback as well, check their offer list before buying the products.

7-Check Deal of The Day

So always check the deal of the day and start shopping. Almost every supermarket, keeps a specific shelf for clearance items that are going to expire within 3-4 months. Deal of the day from Easy store online shopping is highlighted on their home page. Always check their Future Pay app before buying any products, whether it has an offer or not.

8-Shop During Easyday Online Shopping Festival

So check the clearance shelf once to save money. Easyday online supermarkets always have divisions or sections to keep every product. Above they have all category names in written plates. So when you go to The Easy-day stores, according to their section you can organize your grocery list to save more time. and not have multiple rounds in the same section. Clearance sale is especially for the membership cardholder, check with the customer care executive for more details.

9-Shop Best Pack Size

If  you have a small family buy less quantity and if you have a large family buy more., it’s simple math. of course, if you buy more in quantity they give more offers but if you have a small family then the product will be wasted and in terms, it will cost you more money. Buy the best suitable pack size as per your monthly grocery consumption.

10-Buy Easy Day Membership Card

Easy Days stores provide free membership cards and they will give cash back or cash points. so definitely take advantage of these cards. Easyday Club card is highly recommended for your monthly grocery shopping from Easyday stores. This membership card gives you great cashback on your monthly shopping with an additional 10% off.

Bring your Own Shopping Bag for

Try to reuse your plastic bag or bring your own bag for shopping. save the environment, save yourself. Keep a few extra nags in the car to avoid forgetting them. This way you can shop efficiently. Just have a look at the fridge and food cabinet and you can easily list out your needs.

always meal plan before grocery shopping, you can save your money as well as you can stop wastage of food. and you can add variety to your daily foods.

Conclusion;- As said earlier Easy Day online grocery shopping is the best online option when it comes to grocery shopping in India. If you follow the above tips you can save more on your monthly grocery bill from the easy day.