Top 10 Technology Used in Grocery Stores Coming Soon to India

Top 10 Technology used in Grocery Stores coming soon to India

Technology is enhancing your life day by day. The grocery shopping experience is one of them. Today we will discuss the Top 10 technologies used in Grocery stores worldwise & this innovation will reach to India soon.

Each year more and more gadgets and tech are taking over our grocery stores; from self-checkout to no check out at all. The grocery store is changing.

1-Self-Driving Delivery

Self-driving delivery option is growing worldwide, a lot of sector working on the same pattern. People love to shop online & receive the delivery at home. Home delivery is a long process & involves many resources. There are grocery stores like Kroger, Walmart & Amazon that are testing the self-driving car model. As this will be tested once in their stores, so this technology will be soon seen in Indian grocery stores. This technology will save money & time for both customers & grocery companies.

2-Kroger and Microsoft

It’s the latest innovation when talking about Top 10 Technology Used in Grocery. In order to compete with Amazon, Kroger and Microsoft have come up with storage ideas that will revolutionize the way we shop. They are testing the new concept in a few of its stores, once they get it approved they will launch it. Microsoft is a tech giant building a lot more of this type of concept for grocery stores.

3-QueVision for Queue Management

Rolled out by grocery store giant Kroger in 2012, the QueVision is designed to make grocery shopping a more pleasant experience. Using infrared cameras, sensors, and predictive analytic systems, QueVision feeds ‘real-time’ information directly to store managers. One of the worst things that a customer doesn’t like in the grocery store is standing in the queue & waiting for its turn to come. With this latest technology, a message will be triggered & the store manager will send more cashiers to operate the cash tills.

4-Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality is used by using all the time in their daily life. This technology is already there in our mobile & smartphones. By using this technology for grocery shopping we can forecast your shopping list.

5-Scan And Go Feature of Grocery Store

Whichever way you choose to pay, Scan and Go could actually make grocery shopping a pleasurable experience. Scan & go features will save your time when it comes to Top 10 Technology Used in the Grocery store for a better customer experience. Who wants to wait at the grocery store for their turn for billing? So using this technology, customer has no wait time at the cash counters. Testing for these types of grocery stores going on, and few trials have been done. Once these will be successful they will be launched in India. Maybe in the starting period, we will see this type of grocery store for loyal customers only. As Easy Day membership card is a loyalty card so, the Easy Day may start this process in India.

6-Smart Carts

Not anymore. The Smart Cart is here to help with our shopping too. Much like the Scan and Go app, except it’s built into the cart. Just in case you were wondering about foods that don’t have a barcode, the Smart Cart has a built-in scale so you can weigh the food as you put it in the cart. This Smart Cart allows you to pay at your cart so you can avoid standing in the billing line for a long time. The Smart Carts might not be coming to a grocery store near you yet, as it’s the Canadian Store Sobey’s that are introducing this gadget.

7-Amazon Go

Top 10 Technology Used in Grocery list will not be completed without Amazon go. The future of grocery shopping is now. That’s according to Amazon. Recently they have launched its services in its offline stores in the country. Once you have log-in to their account, start shopping at their stores. Just choose the product, scan on the app & you are done. This is the popular form of shopping which will see in India very soon.

8-Warehouse Robots

Warehouse of grocery stores involves daily routine works. These warehouse stores are either fully operated 24*7 or only closed during the weekends. As customer interaction is not involved, the major work of the robots in the warehouse is packing the material on a carton for shipping. The E-commerce business of grocery is growing, now people have the courage to shop grocery online. With the Robots working in the warehouse especially for packing & dispatching the products will be used. Due to govt. restrictions most of the e-commerce companies are operating with minimum manpower & deliveries are getting delayed. With the help of Warehouse Robots there problem will be solved.

 9-Instore robots

The other duty these googly-eyed robots, who are actually called Marty, will have is to warn customers of hazards and spills. As the robots working in the warehouse, sooner the technology will be used for instore. The scan & go feature will be the main feature of the Top 10 Technology Used in the Grocery store. Due to high manpower costs & other safety norms, these robots will be seen in the stores for quick replenishment & packing of the material.

10-Nanotechnology used in Grocery Business

The last technology which comes in the list of Top 10 Technology Used in the Grocery store is Nanotechnology. Using nanotech in food isn’t a new thing, mayonnaise, for example, uses this as water and oil don’t naturally mix.

Conclusion;- All the above-discussed technology will definitely be a revolution in the Indian grocery market. Top 10 Technology Used in the Grocery store which is in the testing process, we might see them coming to India soon. As per the current situation, where customers expect quick service from grocery stores, this technology will give them more freedom of choice. India is a growing economy for online shopping, especially grocery & food products.

The above technology will give us ease of working & the speed of grocery delivery will be increased. We are waiting for all these technologies to come to India & help with grocery shopping.