Future Pay Customer Care Number: How To Contact Easyday Future Pay Customer Care Number?

Future Pay Customer Care Number: How to Contact Easyday FuturePay Customer Care Number?

FuturePay customer service provides a timely solution for all your concerns & queries. Full details of the Future Pay customer care number for Easyday stores are given in today’s article.

What is FuturePay App?

Futurepay app is an Easyday loyalty app, all the cashback & loyalty points are credited to this app. This app is available on the Google Play store & iOs app store as well. This is the best grocery shopping app, cashback rewards points are their prime focus for this grocery shopping app from the easy day.

NameFuture Pay App 
Name of Android AppFuture Pay
App Store NameFuture Pay by Future Group

Future Pay app accepted across all the Future Group stores & for online shopping as well. List of the store below where this app can be used for shopping & Cashback.

Easyday Big Bazaar
Brand FactoryHeritage Fresh

How to Contact Future Pay Customer Care?

Contacting the Customer care of the FuturePay wallet app is very convenient. Quick revert & satisfactory resolution will be provided to your concern once your complaint number is generated. There are various ways in which you might contact the customer service executive for your concern;-

  • Call Customer Care Number Or Toll-Free Number
  • Contact through Future Pay App;
  • Write Email

Future Pay Customer Care Number Details

Easyday recently has launched a WhatsApp-based shopping & a Free Cashback offer on Milk & Bread. All the cashback is credited to the Future Pay App. If you have any concerns or feedback related to the shopping & Cashback you may contact the FuturePay customer care number given below. Apart from Cashback-related queries, contact them in case you have any complaints regarding future Pay wallet money deductions. The customer service number is operational from 9 AM to 10 PM (7 Days a week).

Future Pay Customer Care Number Details

Future Pay Customer Care Number 18002101818
Future Pay Customer Care Number (e-mail)[email protected]

How to Raise a complaint through the Future Pay App FEEDBACK option?

Have any complaints regarding future payment transactions or Cashback related complaints? Future Pay app has recently launched the FEEDBACK option on their mobile app, now reaching customer care is quick & easy. Let’s discuss how you can use this FEEDBACK option to register a company in future Pay App;-

  • On the left-hand upper menu click on Wallet,
  • Now click on the FEEDBACK option
  • On the Feedback Page either use the Call option or Write your complaint
  • Use the “Type Your Comment” section to describe your complaint
  • Enter Bill Number/Reference Number/Transaction Number for quick response
  • Now click on Submit

What Information Required for timely resolution from Future Pay Customer care?

As you know that, Future pay is the best loyalty program from Easyday & provides cashback, wallet service for the Future Group Network stores. There are various cashback offers that are currently running from Easyday stores. To get timely & quick resolution from Easyday Customer care please provide the below details in the first attempt only along with your query/concern;-

All the cashback offers which are run from Easyday, Big Bazaar for the Future Pay members are eligible for the cashback. Most of the customers receive the cashback in a timely, in case you have not received your cashback. If said cashback is not credited to your account, you can contact the Future Pay Customer Care number for the complaint. The reason behind the Future Pay Cashback delay is listed below;-

Future Pay App not downloaded;- If you have not installed the App, Cashback will not be received to your account. The cashback is not credited to the future pay wallet. So always install the app before receiving the cashback.

Future Pay Cashback T&C;- Customers are requested to read the Terms & conditions fully before registering any complaint related to cashback. Quantity restriction is applied in all of the cashback offers. E.g. is offer is applicable on a single quantity, so you may receive cashback for only a single quantity only. Another main term & condition for Future Pay Cashback is receiving cashback in different periods. E.g. Rs.500 cashback term is Rs.1000*5 months.

Still has any concern relatd to the cashback not credited to your wallet. you may contact the customer service executive for all your concern. The best way is to visit the Easyday store & register you complaint with customer service executive. Few information which you must have related ot your shopping for rapidly soluvtion is advised below. Having these vital information with your will speedup your resolution time & you will receive timely soution from the customer care of Future Pay.

  1. Full invoice Details
  2. Bill Number/ Date of Billing
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Offer Name
  5. Cashback Amount
  • All future pay wallet related querines & complaint will be solved by the customer care only. Future Pay wallet is a digital wallet as comare to any other wallet e.g. PayTm wallet. Detailed information about Future Pay Wallet given here. Future Pay wallet can be used for online grocery shopping & Fashion apprel shopping from the Future Group outlets. Addition money to future pay wallet is very easy & quick process. All cashback received fromthe shopping always credited to your future pay wallet account. Facing any challenge in Future Pay Wallet or having any query regarding the same, contact the future pay helpdesk. For best & timely solution fromt he helpdesk, below inormation requed;-
  • Mobile Number
  • Cashback amount
  • Error message
  • Reference number for adding money in the wallet

If all the information is provided in the first attempt, you will get your problem solved quickly.

Frequently question asked about Future Pay Customer Care

Q- What is Future Pay Customer Care email address for registering complaints?

Ans- [email protected] is the email address for registerting althe Future Pay related complaints.

Q- Can we use Future Pay cashback for online shopping?

Ans- Yes you can use Future Pay cashback for online shopping through shop.bigbazaar.com or easyday.in website.

Conclusion;- Easyday Future Pay Customer care services options are easily accessible from the various platforms. Future Pay Customer care number is available on their app & provides the appropriate solution to your concern.

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  1. I have a Big Bazar Profit Club card which is a balance of Rs 9000 .but Big Bazar is now closed and its card is not running to another store. So request you to please return my balancing amount which is in the card. I will be highly thankful to you for this kind of consideration. My contact no is 9304505230.

  2. My 1078 Rs was in Future pay wallet but now big bazar is closed and future pay wallet is also not working I tried the call for customer care also of Big bazar and future pay but no is also not working so please return my Amount.


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