What is Easyday Whatsapp Online Shopping for Home Delivery?

The grocery shopping service by Easyday is one of the main key features when it comes to service its Easy day club members. In this difficult time many of people are stuck in their home & can’t avail of essential grocery services. Whatsapp grocery shopping from Easyday is one of the best features why we love to shop from Easy day stores. Full details about their Whatsapp grocery service are detailed in this post.

What is Easyday Whatsapp Online shopping?

WhatsApp is one of the main apps, without this app we can’t think of our Mobile phones. As WhatsApp business is the best way when we want to interact with our customers. Thus WhatsApp grocery shopping is the best option when one can’t spend more on developing a grocery shopping app. Easyday has done the same to boost its presence for grocery shopping.

Features of Easyday WhatsApp grocery shopping;

Easy to use- Whatsapp is used in all android phones, so the accessibility of Easyday WhatsApp is very easy. As the interaction in Easy day, WhatsApp shopping is live with store staff, you don’t require to install an additional app. This service is highly recommended & endorsed by senior citizens who are not familiar with the technology. As the COD feature is available in the app, so one need not worry about their credit/debit card security.

Instant order- Fast speed is one of the main features when it comes to using an app. Ordering groceries from Easyday Whatsapp is fast & at any time without installing any additional app. During the live interaction, you can see the entire grocery range live, so if you miss any product in your grocery list, you can order easily.

Use Easyday Club Card– Easy day club membership is open for all the customers just enroll & enjoy the benefit. Getting a 10% additional discount while shopping from your home is just amazing.

Live interaction with Easyday store staff- When you order online from a shopping app whether it’s online or offline human touch is always missing. This human touch gap is fulfilled by Easyday stores while introducing the Whats App shopping feature.

View new range of Grocery items which is not visible online- During the live ordering process from WhatsApp; new range which is not yet listed visible can be seen. It may be any reason due to which few products are not visible online they are visible in WhatsApp interaction.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Quality Check- Whenever we order fruits & vegetables online, we are not sure about the quality of the products. This quality issue has been sorted out during the live interaction through WhatsApp grocery shopping of Easy Day. You can see the quality of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables before ordering them for home delivery.

How to Order Groceries through Easyday WhatsApp Shopping?

Ordering groceries from the Whatsapp shopping feature is just like chatting with your friends & family on WhatsApp.

After you have successfully registered for the Easyday club membership you can start ordering from Whatsapp. Detail process for WhatsApp order is described below;

  • firstly complete your Easyday club membership
  • Contact the Store Manager of Easyday club store
  • They will share Whatsapp number for grocery shopping
  • Share your grocery shopping list via the Whatsapp number
  • Interact with the store staff for offers & promotion
  • Select a pickup or home delivery option at our convenience

Moreover, you can process Whatsapp shopping through an online website as well. Visit the official website & complete the process. Log in with your registered mobile number or Membership card. Enter your mobile number or Membership card number & proceed to verify.

How Whatsapp Grocery shopping works?

The main feature of Whatsapp grocery shopping is having a digital store for all your physical store products. As most of the offline stores are looking forward to the e-store, where they can sell directly to the customers. Whatsapp grocery shopping enables to you achieve the same as detailed above. The reach of Whatsapp grocery shopping is far better than an offline store. As most people use WhatsApp so they tend to visit the e-store rather than the offline store.

Is Easyday WhatsApp grocery shopping active for all customers?

WhatsApp grocery shopping is active for all the Easyday club card membership holders. This is an exclusive service for the club members apart from the Web & online grocery shopping from Easyday stores. For more details of the Easyday club card refer here.

Easyday Home Delivery Charges

The grocery shopping home delivery of Easyday stores is Rs. 50 on orders below Rs 500. Free home delivery if orders are above Rs.500. Store pickup is always free. Always place orders above Rs. 500 to get free home delivery from Easy day store.

Below is the most asked question when it comes to grocery shopping from the Easyday WhatsApp service.

Q- How to get Easyday WhatsApp Number for grocery shopping?

Contact the Store Manager of the store or the store staff from the store you want to receive home delivery for groceries. In case you are not able to meet the store manager as the Store manager is a busy person, you can contact the Customer care executive or Cashier for more details about the WhatsApp number for grocery shopping from the Easy Day store.

Q-What are the delivery charges for Home Delivery from WhatsApp?

Home delivery charges are the same as for online home delivery. Free above Rs.500 order & Rs.50 if less than Rs.500.

Q-What are the products that we are ordering through WhatsApp?

Daily essential groceries & fresh fruits & vegetables are the products that you can easily order from the Easyday WhatsApp grocery shopping feature.

Conclusion;- As grocery shopping is everyone’s daily task & people don’t like to download apps. Here comes the WhatsApp grocery shopping service, which is easy to use & convenient way for ordering groceries. Easyday Whatsapp service was started last year & gaining momentum day this tough time. Just call the WhatsApp number & ask for grocery delivery at your doorstep. A free home delivery service is offered to all the Easy Day club card members.