How to Use Easy Day Future Pay Wallet?

How to Use Easy Day Future Pay Wallet?

Easy Day Future Pay wallet is a loyalty program app for Easy day club members. This app is specially designed for Easy Day club members.

What is Easy day Future Pay App?

Future Pay app is an exclusive app that offers digital payment solutions & rewards for club card members. You can use this app across the Future Group store for grocery shopping. Members-only offers are uploaded on the app, through which you can get additional discounts on Easy Day club stores. This is an exclusive app for Easyday online shopping.

Providing a hassle-free & streamlined user experience for grocery shopping customers is first priority. Therefore shopping from this app has been loved by all the customers from the country. Using this app without cash & cards is a great feature of this app.

Saving money from this app has become so easy. Daily essential grocery shopping with the Easy Day future pay app provides a great experience for all shoppers.

Easy Day Future Pay Wallet Features;-

Shopping with Easyday Future Pay wallet card has reached a new level. Anyone who owns a future pay account with Easyday Club has access to the below features;

Track all transactions- You can easily track all of the transactions made on Easy day stores. Managing your transaction with this app is one of the best features of this app which I personally love most. Details of the transaction with the date are shown on your transaction history page.

Future Pay app is Absolutely secure- The security feature of Future Pay wallet makes it a must-have app for grocery shopping. All your transaction, password & data is fully secured. Without OTP verification the log-in process no authenticated. Users have to enter the OTP while completing any transaction whether it’s online or offline.

Easy to use App- A small child is fully operating this Future Pay app, as the navigation & user interface are simple. Accessing all your past transactions & other details is just one click away. Its user interface is highly attractive, design is user-friendly.

Exclusive App-only benefits- Easy cashback on your daily grocery shopping can be earned through this app. All cashback is offered to the customer on their past shopping patterns & buying behavior. This is just as simple as shop more & save more. M-coupon (discount coupon code) offers are exclusively offered to its club customers. All the Coupons are generated from the Future Pay app & can be redeemed for shopping done at retail stores.

Easily access your Loyalty Cards- Now you don’t require to manage all the loyalty cards by the Easy Day store. Manage your Payback card, Profit Club card & Future Pay wallet balance in just one single app.

Compare Shopping Feature- Just click the images of the competitor bill along with your Easy Day store bill & get the difference amount. The difference in the amount on the bill will be added to your future pay wall balance.

Add money to your Future Pay Wallet- Adding money to your Easy Day club Future Pay wallet is easy. You can load money from your Credit/Debit card easily. Loading balance through paying cash at the store is one of the great features. Cashback offers on loading money through the app is highly lucrative offer.

Use the app on the iOS device as well- Recently they have updated the app & now this is available for the iOS devices as well. This is free use app on the iOS platform for Easy day customers.

How to Load Money to EasyDay Future Pay Wallet?

Load money into your Future Pay wallet & get exclusive shopping benefits. Loading money is easy to process as given below-

  • Open the app on your mobile
  • Click on “Wallet”
  • Now click on “Add” new to EasyDay club
  • Enter the amount you wants to add & click “Proceed”
  • Now select “Card Payments/Net Banking or UPI”
  • Complete the process

How to Find Easy-Day Future Pay Latest Offer for Today 2021?

Cashback offers are highly attractive which are runs by Easy day stores on regular basis. All the Easy day cashback offers required either pre-registration for Future Pay Waller or users have to register to avail of the Cashback in their future pay wallet. When it comes to finding the latest cashback offers of Easy day for Future Pay wallet follow the below process;

  • All Cashback-related offers are visible on the Easy day online shopping app
  • Easy Day official website has all the Terms & conditional details for the Cashback offer
  • Future Pay app has all the cashback details in their app

How to Use EasyDay Future Pay Wallet Cashback for Online Shopping?

Online shopping is the easiest way in which you can use the future pay balance. The Future pay app is integrated with the Easy day shopping app, which enables you to direct shop from the Easy day app. Once you receive the Cashback in the wallet of the Future Pay app, the last cashback validity is shown there. Redemption of cashback before the validity expires is required. Below is the process to use the cash back for online shopping;-

  • Complete your online shopping by adding products to your cart
  • Once you added the items, proceed next to the payment page
  • Now select Future Pay as a payment mode
  • Your balance of Future Pay wallet will reflect online
  • Complete the shopping payment once payment is done through Future Pay Wallet

FAQ About Easy Day Future Pay Wallet

Q- Can we use multiple payment modes for online shopping with Future Pay?

Ans-Yes you can use Future Pay with another payment mode as available on the online shopping portal.

Q-Is Multiple Future Pay wallet can be used for online shopping?

And- No, only 1 wallet can be used for online shopping, Multiple wallets are not allowed while completing online payment through Future Pay wallet.

Conclusion;- We have given complete information in this post about how to use the Easy Day Future Pay wallet. Full details of how to use it in-store, how to use Future Pay for online shopping are explained well. More information about the Future Pay app is already given in the last post.